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9 reasons to cum

Nine mothers told us why they had given their pacifier. Breastfeeding, cumulation is a basic requirement for every baby, so why not resist it? And what can we suggest instead?

1. Don't sleep on your breast!

I didn't want you to fall asleep on her breast because I read that she wouldn't learn to sing alone. Therefore, when I saw myself swallowing less and less, I laid it down and put a dummy in my mouth.
V. Gabi Téves is the starting point!
We need to challenge the above position in the defense of babies with snooze on their breasts: indeed, they learn to fall asleep alone, and even so, all newborns are able to do so on the first day of their lives. But of course, it all goes a lot better for Mom's warm body while breastfeeding. Why would that be wrong?

2. He wanted to suck all day

- And I didn't say that. As I took the dick out of my mouth, it was awake and bubbly. So the dummy came into the picture. He picked me out of prison.
Б. ZitaWe recommend this instead of dummy
There is always a reason if the baby wants to breastfeed very often or all day. It may be small and just feel good about itself. It may increase your milk volume each time you jump, as your dietary requirements increase. Maybe he can have fun. Maybe she's sick, or her teeth are coming, or she's upset about something - breastfeeding has helped everything. In either case, the dummy will prevent the problem that is causing the baby's behavior.

9 reasons to cum

3. I got it, I got burned

It was in the hospital gift package, I thought why not try it out. Since then my baby is six months old, sucking, but also cumming, we are in sixth.
J. CsillaNice gifts, but superfluous
Most breastfeeding children are great to have without pacifiers, because breastfeeding is intensive, time-consuming, and generally satisfies the baby's need for cumulation. Most of the time you spin your dummy first, it is better not to force it. Don't get used to anything you really need.

4. My breast was wound

In the first few days, my breasts were painfully and painfully broken, so I tried to leave my baby on the breast for the shortest time possible, that is, until he had actually heard and swallowed the milk. When he was just cumming, I quickly smuggled the toy into my mouth.
Mr. NouraRather, look for the cause
The most important thing is the detection of the wound cleft. The soother can worsen the breastfeeding technique and may also be harmful in this situation. In severe cases, a twenty-year-old breastfeeding pause when your baby gets a glass of food and a handy carry-on to satisfy your need for proximity can help. It's okay to heal, if you just leave the baby as long as you breastfeed, but carrying it can comfort everyone, there is no need for a pacifier.

5. We didn't want to indulge

Our little boy was just feeling good at hand, this soon came to light. Familiar parents have warned us that we will be very comfortable with it. We tried the dummy and made it so much more was lost in bed alone.
V. LnviaThis is not an excuse!
For newborns, small babies have a natural need for proximity to the body, and for babies. There is no need to be tempted to indulge, for as a woman develops, her needs and abilities will change. As small as it is, parents mean the world, if you hand it over, do not indulge, just make an elementary need.

6. You are not breastfeeding anywhere

Infants, on the other hand, are able to shriek and squeal anywhere. My little son insists on the right where he would not breastfeed. For these cases, it is better to have a baby bottle and a pacifier.
CharlotteThis is something worth reconsidering
Discretionary breastfeeding conditions can be created anywhere. Why is it so difficult to speak for yourself at our home? A baby in a handkerchief, wide skirt or cardigan can take your baby almost everywhere, so that no one is going to catch anything that goes on behind the scenes. As small as this is, there is no simpler solution to breastfeeding.

7. He did not bury the three ounces

According to the pediatrician, at least three males must pass between two feeding times. Our kid didn't think so, and he was bumping into two. We didn't want to listen to this, so the dummy came along, and we kind of kicked it out with this rocking.
P. BgnesYou don't even have to cry!
It is understandable that parents do not hesitate to listen to the bullet, but it is easier to put the hungry baby on the breast. It is not uncommon for at least three eagles to pass through two feedings, and every baby has the right to eat when it is hungry or for another reason.

8. Don't suck your finger!

I sucked my finger for just six years and thought everything but this! We started with dummy pacifiers because it is easier to quit it even in infancy.
H. JuditKey query: denying the need for suckling
At three months of age, all infants reach the developmental stage when they take their hands to their mouths and suck their fingers. However, this is usually a transient phenomenon in breast-fed children, and eventually disappears when it is used for more and more activities. If you allow the baby to suck as many times and as long as you want, the pacifier and finger sucking will be unnecessary.

9. Prevention

I didn't want him to put everything in his mouth that I had found on Oct-Fifty. I thought we were going through a dangerous period with pacifiers, and then I would just quit roula somehow.
T. JutkaThe pacifier is blocking discovery
Let it be more thoughtful and tasting when it comes to non-dangerous things! A very important source of familiarity for a small child is to perceive, with their tongue and lips, senses of different surfaces, materials, and objects. True, the two-three-month-long baby must always be on the trail, but it's worth it because he learns faster what he really needs to be afraid of.

Therefore, we do not recommend pacifiers

It significantly reduces the amount of time you spend on your breast, which can reduce milk production. Baby dolls are less likely to breastfeed. It maintains infections and indirect (such as thrush) because it is almost impossible to keep it clean. The longer it stays that way, the worse it gets. It interferes with breastfeeding. On certain types of cumit, the baby will try to take the tongue back, and if you get used to it, breastfeeding may become painful. Most of the pacifiers are hard, so they permanently mock the newborn and young infant with a still white palate. This is especially true for cherry-shaped pacifiers.It interferes with the development of the teeth and obstructs the baby's wheezing and speech.Also read these:
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