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Kids have their bones broken on the new playground

Sprained Spine, Spine Bone - This is the balance of the newly cast player before the election. According to the mayor, the investment was successful.

Children bare their bones on the new toy (photo: iStock)We had also noted earlier that two days before the election, a 16th District Reformer had submitted a playground, but parents were constantly complaining about bankruptcies: their children and their children were speeding up. Later, a local opposition candidate posted that the slipper was life threatening and that a little girl was suffering from headaches. Finally, the traps were closed. We were at the open player for five minutes. "My son slipped down one of the slips and broke his spine. Immediately I was taken to the wound hospital. Six weeks of plaster," a father told 24. The newly donated playground, made at around 400 million forints, has been challenged with a 10-year-old player. The father, who did not want to give his name to the statement, added that the baby was not the victim of the accident, he said nothing to the newspaper. The other parent told the newspaper that the girl's knee was broken, it turns out in control that fortunately the situation is not so serious. "Now at the weekend, a spa tub has repackaged the area. I'm sorry for it, but the light is on the bottom of the tunnel.
But there was also a child whose teeth spilled out. Peter Kovács, the newly elected mayor of the district in Fidesz, said in a video posted a week after the election: I asked the contractor to try to slow down these slips. Of course, all the TvV's and all their papers were there, and all of them were okay too. But since the slip was a bit quick, this is a developer game and it also comes with how to stop the game, it's part of the developer too - but I thought not to risk it, we should try to slow it down as much as possible. they are just working on putting in a little slower or bigger bend by October 23. day when the megnyнlt jбtszуtйr, mйg not zбrtбk the balesetveszйlyes csъszdбkat the цnkormбnyzat it kommunikбlta to allow the hasznбlni eszkцzцket addition mбsnap felьgyelet. Pйnteken the цnkormбnyzat bejegyzйsйben mйg arrуl нrt that "no veszйlyesek by vйlemйnyьnk the csъszdбk if megfelelхen hasznбljбk хket. Holnaptуl normal nyitvatartбsi idх will йs continuous control to assure the csъszdбk biztonsбgбrуl." Miutбn Saturday eltцrцtt the emlнtett kislбny sнpcsontja, you hнvtбk out mбs it was only after this that the government locked two slides out of the three. Then, on Wednesday, everything was shut down for a week. Parents are also annoyed by the fact that they meant the grievances of children to the title that the government asked for, but for the most part, nothing. What came just a week later is not too much of a thank you: the essence of the answer is that everything is fine with the bankruptcy. Also, whether or not the slippers were tested before the bet, they were picked up and the minutes prepared.
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