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This is how children develop in children

Who would have thought it might be so important for the baby to play? Here are some super tips to get the most out of your play time and have fun (especially х)!

All toddlers play with the formabedobo

For you, a game is just a game, but for me it is hard work. When you survey the terrain on the playground, when you're cooking in the playroom, or when you bring water from one bowl to another while bathing, is not just playing but solving a problem.In the meantime, he "just plays", develops his language skills, learns from people and people, discovers scientific, mathematical relationships, develops creativity, and uses his imagination. Isn't that a game, is it? How does your child learn? Pay attention!When, besides formabedobу, ü, is just wondering which size and shape belongs to. (You mean, "Neee, this is too big for me! I'm going through this!")When you just know how to organize your stuffed animals, exercises how to share. (You mean, "Here, buy a shit, Macky!")When she's up and down in the shower, discovering how your body works, ("Look, I can train!"), what is gravity ("See how fast I slip down!") and exercises coordination (how much muscle work does it take to climb up the ladder) .You are the closest you can be to playing it, you are your number one player so pay attention to learning different things in the game.
Improve your verb skills: Ask what you draw ("What does this blue color look like? Is it a truck?"). Launch your imagination and question it in detail ("Where did you put your hair?"). But above all, give her freedom. Let him choose the clothes he wants to wear (give him two alternatives), let him control the game and also make a mess. (But, of course, just in the frame. Also teach him to tidy up after you.) When buying a game, think about it, what's really good for you. Good games that do two tasks. For example, the games that need to be pushed or pressed in order to function will improve their coordination and imagination. The puzzle is also a good choice because it encourages problem-solving abilities, improves fine motor skills and communication ("Where does this rectangular shape fit?") , then you can play with it by improving your knowledge in the middle. The source of this article is here.
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