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Fateful ChildrenSpecial Kindergarten Children Are Going All The Way

I have the book in my hand, I can't put it down. Pereg I was preceded by the life of sick-born children, and in the meantime I recall the sentences I heard from familiar parents in a similar situation.

The idea for the book was initiated by the Peter Cerny Foundation Leader, hoping to help parents who have children who need special care. The author, Magdolna Singer, a mental health practitioner, and Judit Szabolcs, a physiotherapist, have both hearted and uplifting testimony of grieved children and parents raising them. Dr. Gyula Bьki gyermekneurolуgus,
dr. Trbsy Gbbor pediatrician, dr. Somsyvyvry Zsolt, professional manager and director of the Peter Cerny Foundation dr. Rosdy Beta pediatric neurologist gives an opinion on the early developmental question, then Szabolcs Judit you will learn about holistic approaches, principles, and experiences."We came home from the eyes, my mother held the child in the car, I guided how, I do not know, because my lips and senses were inextricably locked away."
"… I admired him, I admired him until the neonatologist appeared. He said he might be transferring his baby to a cardiology institution that day. He also said, at least I remember well, but I didn't let anything reach my consciousness, it was too much, downright unbearable, what he managed to bring to me before I quickly lowered the barrier. "How does the parent who has lived this state, through the comfort, the acceptance, the unconditional love to help the grieving child, to the very happiness of being together? And how do the kids who were virtually written down to their full lives in the first few weeks - their very own, special lifetimes? With his incredible power and the help of those who are beside the family and not just the kid, they want to repair the parts.
Judit Szabolcs is such a helper. Being a physiotherapist who has realized that the child should not be regularly hurting promises any success. Whoever realized that the child, by his or her own power, can achieve amazing results. It is certain that the greatest chances are that the child is adopted, loved and loved by the family, and that the whole family should be cured by the specialist.
"Judith is like a homeopathic remedy. She offers one treatment for every baby and family, not everyone wants the same treatment. And her method is like homeopathy. It only contains traces of the exercises, tricks, and they are used to develop a baby who is suffering from an oxygen deficiency condition. Just the gesture seems to be, but the baby is not opposed, shrieking.
How does it work? What does it mean for Judit to "just" rock, hug, nurse the baby, play "only" special games with her? Some of my chapter chapters also say a lot: The Blissful Newbie, The Abandoned Girl Takes the World Cup ... Yes, it is possible. And it gives power to many families who go through similarly difficult times. All parents, educators and supportive professions should read it.