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Zыrцk on the bed

Let's start with the good news: if you are one of those who have been exposed to the goldfish during pregnancy, you have a good chance that the baby will be all right in six weeks. But what will happen to you by then?

"I first became a gold medal when I was twenty." I didn't even know what it could be, ”Dourra says. "When I persuaded myself to go to the doctor, it was a pleasant surprise: the doctor immediately had the blood vessel removed and I was able to go home. Sure, the surgery was uncomfortable, but I didn't hurt at all, and I didn't have to take painkillers afterwards. For a couple of days I was pregnant, that's all. When I was pregnant after years, my gold came again. At this time I did not dare to opt for surgery, so I went to a homeopathic doctor and then to a kinesiologist, but none of them worked. I tried to pay attention to the movement and the change, I learned intimate gymnastics, they brought some improvement, but the situation didn't work out. Finally came the birth, where in the middle of pushing I felt that my gold was going out and out. After childbirth, my hemorrhoids are more painful than my buttocks. They gave me a strong steroid cream in the hospital, but because of the baby I didn't dare to apply it much. After the examination, he even suggested a traditional treatment, saying that he himself would regain it. He was finally right, and after months the situation had returned to normal. Even now, after a year or so, you can feel a small bulge, but it is not painful. According to the doctor, the next thing I can do is to calculate the problem.

What is a Goldsmith?

Gold fortune is not that rare, the frequency is increasing among adults, depending on age, and is more common in the mid-50s.Tendency factors:
  • diet low in fiber and therefore prone to constipation;
  • pressure on the pelvic veins during pregnancy and hormonal effects, which make the veins more narrow between them;
  • obsession, lifestyle, obsession.

Typical symptoms

Itching, bleeding, pain, sensation of unsteadiness that occurs most often when narrowing. The gold ring can also ignite, build up in blood, causing it to become blocked, different events may occur, so it's worth showing to a doctor, primarily to exclude diseases that are similar in nature but more severe in nature.

Home treatment

  • dietary fiber (greens, fruits, muesli, bran);
  • many fluids;
  • camomile à l lÃrdfürdõ;
  • pharmacy ointment, image.

Szaktanбcsadу: Dr. Csatбr Йva

How do you test it?

- The client first tells the patient what he is feeling after he has complained - answers our specialist, dr. Shawat atva. - Now we have the exam, which is done on the left side. First we look at the test, then we do the finger touching. This allows for the detection of tumors, polyps and prostate disease in the uterus and in the male. This is followed by a short-loop examination of the last 6-8 inches of the canal. The goldsmith looks so good. Finally, the final test is from a low of 20 to 25 centimeters. The whole exam lasts six to eight minutes and, if done properly, is no bother. It would be painful if the interior wall were tensioned by the supply of too much air, but this could be easily avoided. In my order it is possible to follow the events of the examination with a camera, which, in my experience, reassures everyone, because, well, if one knows what is going on behind his back.

Anita thought of herself

- The first two pregnancies have come to life after breastfeeding, and the usual treatment (ointment and picture) has been completed in just a few weeks. - I was also a proctologist, really couldn't help but have the benefit of making sure I am not producing these symptoms because of another, more serious illness. At week 35, I felt a lump in my laundry one day at a time, and by the evening, I could not help but feel the pain. The home doctor examined it and wrote a check back. I was hoping they would go away as usual, but as the days went by, they got worse and started bleeding. Last week I went to proctology. The examination was not pleasant (does not like to show the abdomen pregnant too), although not tired. It only lasted two to three minutes, and then in March, the doctor confirmed the diagnosis: a blood-related blood loss was ruled out and must be eliminated. I just felt the injection, and it was born that we were ready. Afterwards, I lay at home for a day. According to the doctor, it will get worse by birth, but the situation will improve rapidly afterwards. He was right because I was out of the living room so I had 4-5 centimeters of protrusion on my buttocks, pushing the limit. They also saw with Seb, who suggested that he should be repatriated several times a day (I rejected it and therefore did not accept it). But it really got better, and when I dared to watch it home ten days after birth, I was shocked to find that it had almost disappeared.

A variety of treatment methods

- Goldfish Disease Depends On Stage Which Solution Is Worth Choosing says the doctor. - First stage gold minors cause minimal complaints, rarely itching or bleeding, which is usually treated with ointment. In second-stage gold rushes, the patient experiences symptoms many times, but pain occurs only when the disease develops. The treatment of this is by means of rubber-clamping, an infra-red coagulator, similar to a laser pistol, and injection therapy, which has the effect of closing the blood, so that the gold is lost. The third stage gold ring is when the gold ring occasionally slips off the end, it is treated with a big-head rubber ring or cut. A quarter of a year's worth of gold is constantly out of sight, constantly producing, bleeding, and so unpleasant. This can only be resolved by surgery. One treatment method does not require you to invest in the hospital, all of which are performed on an outpatient basis. The intervention lasts for a quarter, after which the patient is observed for an hour. The area may be sensitive for up to a week, but after the pain and inconvenience is over.
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