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The most popular way to tell your baby about sex is by Gender reveal tips

Initially, we had to wait until birth, then the simple announcement came, and the kind photographers, the tech-savvy, brought home the videos, and now the party chill.

With cake, it is most popular to tell the sex of the babyToday, the gendering of the baby's gender is (can be) like an engagement or birthday party. This is called gender reveal in English - because it originated in America - meaning non-revealing, non-revealing. The essence of this is that parents communicate with friends and relatives in some funny, creative way, whether in a couple of months the family will be enriched with a baby or boy. The essence of the event is to share and share the joy with those we consider important to our environment. And, of course, a great outfit for a celebratory celebration. We'll show you one of the most common forms now. Make a cake with a neutral color to the outside, for example, a smooth cocoa cake or a white cream. The point is that it is not possible to guess the gender of the baby, which is usually done in two colors: in the case of little boys it is blue and in the baby pink. The inside of the cake will make the baby sex crazy. There are several solutions: you can fill the cake with blue or pink dragees, or you can simply make a layered sponge cake where the colors of the layers are the color of the baby.

Play and win!

Who lives in the tummy? - in the frame of a game two 150,000 Ft worth of exclusive photography finds the owner of Elevit. Photos are taken by some of the most popular moms in the country.

Create a photo / video (creative if you are a plus) that tells you what gender your baby will be and upload it to the games page.

Do not miss it! Be creative, take photos, watch videos, upload, collect votes, and win an unforgettable experience!


  • With a small box of surprises, you can crazy about the sex of your baby
  • You can also use Pinata at the gender party
  • You can also reveal the gender of your baby with a scratch card