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Thank you for accepting my body

Initially, I was completely impressed with what my body was capable of. It was unbelievable to think a little man was growing in me. But as the pregnancy progressed, everything changed.

Thank you for accepting my body Hot: With iStock, I've grown bigger and bigger than I expected. Then everything became more and more uncomfortable, much more awkward than I expected. And I didn't like my body anymore.I used to compare myself to other little mothers I saw on the street or in the community. I thought I was bigger than all of them. I've been sick of a simple walk because I haven't rubbed the way my thighs rub against each other. I hated to stop because I felt my breasts almost touch my stomach, which I had never experienced before, and was not at all sensitive. But, of course, I had to face every morning that there is no dress that looks good. I would have preferred to hide it from the world.However, my husband saw me in a completely different light: he was in love with my growing body. Every night she was rubbing my stomach while I was lying on the couch feeling tired. Every day - without asking me - he said how nice I am. When I frustrated and sighed, I noted what a pity that I didn't look like when I was 20, х said "you are more beautiful now"But, for me, things didn't change with the baby's birth. I felt alien to my own body, even though I read in various magazines that I thought I would get back in shape soon: like a lowered ball, which is tense, hard again. Check it out my stomach was like a lowered leg, my breasts were driven by gravity, my feet were more orange than my average, my hair was a pure wreck, and I felt like the shape of my feet had changed completely. And then when they came up to me, but I looked back at the photos, it seemed to me, as if they were like a knit ham. But my son didn't look like that.
As in cartoons, if someone is in love and has huge, heart-shaped eyes, they look like me. Although I couldn't see myself as he did me, the love and support of my brother helped me to return to myself. Slowly, I was reminded again of what my body was capable of: my baby boy had grown up in it for nine months, it had evolved, I planted it and fed it. Then when I was born, I was able to supplement my body again. The scar that remained on my stomach, which first caused anger and frustration, now reminds me how strong I am now pregnant, and some old sensation is starting to return. especially since I'm expecting twins this time, so my body is exposed to more prurates. But every time, when I am immersed in my previous perspective, I discover the love and wonder of my brother and his eyes that bring me back immediately. And that's why I'm going to be a crap. (Via)