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The procedure, date and rules of enrollment in Bihar

There are few in Vienna and many children - this is usually the biggest problem with witch choice. But let's also see what's important!

The procedure, date and rules of enrollment in Bihar

When can a child go to chick?

Witchcraft comes up in every family where the dad and the mother want to work (God forbid) before the child is 3 years old. as soon as 20 weeks old we can give the child a chick. So she protects the children and she is the father of the maternity administration XXXI. Article 42 (1) of the Law: "Your ward is the institution providing day-care, professional care and education for children under 3 years of age. , the 4th year after August 31, is educated and cared for in witchcraft. who enjoy an advantage at the time of their enrollment (Law XXXI of 1997, § 41 (2))
(a) whose development is in need of day-to-day care,
(b) raised by a single person or elderly person,
c) whose parent or carer is unable to provide care due to the social situation of the child. However, the parental contribution is also required.

What kind of wits are there?

There are also family sunburns (CSANA) and other private vultures, but this is something we need to cut back on in the money market. the sites fill up quickly too, so it's a good idea to think ahead if you want one). And they are ъn. There are also "playgroups" where the child can get to know the community, but here the mom or dad is with us all the way.

Can a child go wild with Gyed / Gyes?

Yes, You can also go to Gyed / Gyes our child's wisdom.

Do I have to pay for it?

In the public domain, generally you have to pay for the catering - the amount may differ from one to another. If your child is missed due to illness or other reasons, his or her child will be deducted. It's a good idea to be born because there may be more favorable conditions in some places.

What is your condition?

Along with reaching the age of 20 (20 weeks) in the state chickens, the mother must bring a certificate from her employer to prove that she has indeed returned to work. If you are a parent, you need to verify which full-time institution of higher education you are attending. In addition, there is a need for a health certificate from the child, which states that your child can be healthy and together. It is also a condition that the resident of the district should be resident and that he or she should live in the district as part of his or her life.

When is the enrollment?

Usually all йv from mid April to early May it is usually enrollment, but we ask about the exact date in your wisdom, as this may vary from institution to institution. There are some places where you can get enrolled all year long and the number of available places is limited by the number of available places. What to bring with us?
- employment certificate
- Health certificate for the child (a C3354-6 / A form must be obtained from a convenience store and handed over to the watchdog)
- sample of the birth certificate of Szllı
- lakcнmkбrtya
- TAJ card
- vaccine extracts
- Mom wasn't ready for wickedness
- Where should I give you?