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Do Children Need Tea?

Do Children Need Tea When Your Baby Drinks Tea, Can You Give Herbs for Toddlers - These are the questions Anikу Rбcz, the blogger of The Sun's Fragrance, asked for answers.

When I was a little girl - well, I don't wanna sing, don't be scared - we got tea every morning, black tea. You got lots of sugar, a little lemon juice. For a long time, this little instant taste of tea meant to me, and it took a long time for me to realize that tea is not like that. It has changed a lot, but whether kids need tea or not, when to drink tea the little kid, can you give herbs to the little ones, find a lot of opinions and information on the net.In this case, it is best to consult a specialist. To my queries about tea Luczai Gabriella phytotherapist, acupressor elected. Gabi has been doing teas for her years, her little tea shop is a real little relax bucket, she has been doing health therapies for ovis, schoolchildren as well as herbal therapies, as well as teacoaching.

Do Children Need Tea?

What kind of tea can children consume?

As a general rule, parents want to boost their children's immune systems when they are young, and that's why they give their babies teas. For a health-conscious lifestyle, we sometimes insist on being too far away. Children's immune system does not need to be strengthened at least 3 years old, because the body is in development. This is when the immune system of the children develops. Children need to build a solid foundation for health, because every mistake in childhood will be repeated in later stages of life.If we use herbal remedies for early development, allergy may develop. We need to know that the kidney is not able to properly select by age 1, the liver is not cleared as it is by an established organism, and by the age of the intestine, everything is absorbed and the stomach reaches its development All children have some form of immunity at birth, and this should be preserved and the acquired immunity should be allowed to develop. That is, children need to deal with infections so that the body can remember the disease and trigger the self-destruct mechanism when it is needed. You don't have to kill them! You do not have to try to never be ill, because then you will not have the proper immune system.Children should only consume the herbal medicine when it is needed. Usually, we turn to it in cold weather, warming effect Because of the fact that small children can eat fruit, but hнgнtva let's make it. The pH value of the fruit acids is low (that is, they are more acidic), so there is no need to constantly water the children. A delicious cool drink that you can drink all year long. There is a wide variety of selections available in stores. From the teas in which the fruit looks good and wholesome, it is possible to spit out the fruits of the water and eat all the good and sweet things for children. Extremely fine tea water, water, water! Teas should be present in life, but not the primary drink.

Can children drink herbs? And if so which ones?

Herbal remedies are special foods that are used when the balance of the body is somewhat upset and certain organic functions need to be stimulated or reduced.Not at all times use herbal medicine only when it is intended to help the body's baby. This applies to children as well as to adults. For little babies who are still breastfeeding by their moms, I recommend that they be healed by their mother. In breast milk, the effectiveness of herbal tea will be much more effective than if the tiny body directly encounters the unknown herbal medicine.However, there is an increasing number of children who, for some reason, cannot be breastfeeded by their mothers and we also want to help them in case of problems. Usually we have problems with digestion, stomach, constipation. As children develop cramps, anemone hardens.As children are faster in reacting to the active substances, the dose should be reduced to a very small amount. 5-10 eyes is enough for 0.5 liters of water and soaking for no more than 5-8 minutes.Six days ago if you have a problem thyme, elderflower, rose hips or lemon, lanceolate. These are needed especially in cold weather.After six months, we can also use chamomilebut with this уvatosan we are sorry because it dries the intestine under allergic and regular use. A baby with a disability, even if it helped the first two times, will find it harder to get pregnant until the age of 3, and there is no need for these herbs. Make sure that even if you use herbs, your child should always drink only one type of herbal tea, do not mix it, because in the case of a possible allergy we do not know which herb is causing the allergy.More than 3 years old we can consume the herbs, but the opinion and advice of the doctor and the phytotherapist is essential.I consider it important to say that the child is not a young adult. A growing organism, faster cell division, more sensitive to the body, more responsive to the active ingredients, so do not make the tea as if we were making it ourselves. Use less herbs for the usual 2.5-3 dl of water: half the adult dose (1 teaspoon). And the drink is sipped and the child slowly drinks it. Sometimes it's okay to get a spoonful into the child's body, for example in the case of thyme.Week after year mint leaves should be avoidedbecause it can trigger epileptic seizures, can cause gouty muscles and choking.Do not give children black tea or green tea, but it is a good and effective solution for diarrhea in the stomach.

Do children drink tea from the age of one?

The right water should be a priority for children every day. Low mineral water spring water. Do not give fresh water regularly as it will burden the kidney kidney. And tea should by no means be a soft drink.As I mentioned above, they only drink herbal when they are needed.1-2 years old, they only drink tea that contains an ingredient that can be filtered out.2 after age you can get acquainted with mixed fruits, rooibos tea. Rooibos teas are especially recommended for children because they cannot really be grown, they can only grow in a natural medium, so all rooibos tea bio.Of course, there are differences in quality, and one has to cope with cultivation, but the quality of the tea is immediately apparent when consumed. Because of its basic sweet taste, children love it and do not have any active ingredients (eg, caffeine) that can upset the child's body. Kids in high school, high school and high school can drink tea and tea.

How can we taste tea? Do I need to check?

Good quality teas do not need to be lost because they are hot. Children, however, need a fresh look for the development of the body. Sweet water will nourish it and help it grow. Instinctively, they are looking for sweet taste, which is why it is not sweet often to reject. If the child refuses to drink "blank" tea, try mixing the tea. The simplest idea is to mix the sweet rooibos with fruit.Losing weight is best avoided, but not because tea should not be lost, but because children drink and drink a lot of tea everyday, too much sugar / honey can add to the teeth, causing weight loss.Patients on time however, it may be very useful to start the tea. Külцnцsen a mйz very good for this purpose, because we find enzymes that are missing from the human body during illness. Honey, good quality sugar, will help you to recover. When the child is sick, it is strongly recommended to put the honey in, because it will moisturize the lungs and help break up the blood. As a general rule, we only put sugar and honey in the cup. The sugar added to the tea filtered into the tea kettle instantly reacts with the bacteria in the air and begins to ferment. During a round of a couple of hours of sugared and unused tea, it goes through a natural fermentation process. Keep tea fresh!

What are the benefits of tea drinking?

Drinking tea primarily helps keep the balance in the balance. Children should pay close attention to refilling the right amount of fluid because they are running, running, active, and forget about being thirsty. A child's attention is so distracted by the world around him that he ignores it.

How can we use different types of tea for children?

The teбkat termйszetesen megitathatjuk not only the children, but it fьrцdhetnek, inhalбlhatnak, gargarizбlhatnak him borogathatunk velьk wounds, the teбk nцvйnyeibхl kenхcsцt, kйszнthetьnk krйmet, nйmelyikbхl pбrnбt the pihentetх alvбshoz.Mind the gyуgytea fogyasztбsakor, all those kьlsх hasznбlatakor vйlemйnyйt doctor should kйrni . It is also advisable to consult with a phytotherapist before using it for dosage, for example because some herbs may be allergic. The bath is approx. 3 minutes. If there is no sign of allergy, we can add more tea to the bath water and the bath time can be increased to 5-10 minutes. Make sure the word is not under water. Let the tea cool down by the shakes. Anikó Rбcz's blog can be posted HERE.Photos: Gabriella Lucai, Other interesting articles:
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