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I counted the minutes

Catherine was relieved when she was told in the morning she would be eleven. She fainted when the midwife said, "Sure, eleven o'clock in the evening."

On August 25, 2011, I was excommunicated with my baby. The previous day NST - of course nothing happened. My doctor told me that the hospital was going to be in control every now and then, as soon as something happened. So it did. I also went on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays. Nothing. Then by nightfall on Tuesday, I had tens of minutes of cobwebs and a huge splash of water on the sheet. That's it - I thought to myself, but I didn't hurry.
We went into the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kurhaz during the stewardship, while the foxbirds seemed to have been killed. My doctor examined me and said there was no amniotic fluid anywhere, so we wouldn't give birth, but I wouldn't go home anymore. At night, they were ten minutes old again, but they didn't thicken anymore and they were gone again. They checked me on Wednesday, nothing. There was no sign that the baby was close. My obstetrician asked if I wanted to get things done. Of course, since a week is a week. He made sure that I get a balloon in the evening to go on, and then we're done in the morning. I went back from the gym to the living room. Another examination, it turned out that I was completely exhausted. Balloon tower. I slept all night but tried to rest. My doctor got in the morning. He burst his jacket and crushed the ferns. I was playing ball, I was sitting on the stool. I had my mom and my sister in law who helped me a lot. We were told we would be over eleven. Erzsike, the nurse added, "Of course, at eleven o'clock in the evening."
The last two times I got oxytocin in the space to help and get things done faster. Finally, on September 1, at 1:13 pm, Zsufia will run out with 3,850 grams, 54 inches. I got it for a few minutes and then sewed it together until it was weighed down, washed and breastfeeded in the living room. It was wonderful! Thank you to my doctor, dr. To Szécsényi István, my mom, Erzsike, and to my sister-in-law!
Afterwards the supply was not as satisfying. They told me not to breastfeed so much because just thirsty and give her boiled water, I couldn't be on my breast all day. I didn't listen to them, I didn't give her a baby bottle afterwards, instead she sucked almost all day. To this day, she has never eaten glass, only suckling. So and half a month a little over 7 kilos and 65 inches!