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Saturday Gluten Free World Day!

On June 9th, at Folyondár Street Sports Center, we are waiting for celebrity patients and their families for a one-day free event. There will be a concert and a concert!

In May, World Celebratory Day is organized in several European countries. The main message of this day is to draw attention to the celiac disease and gluten-free diet. Dr. Schдr's World Gluten Free Day joins this event across Europe with the aim of bringing attention to celebrity people at an event where you can get a lot more information. In Hungary, every hundred people are struggling with at least one civilian, and the situation is similar in other European countries as well.

Do you care too?
The frequency of celiac disease is increasing worldwide, and more and more people are being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, which is not the same as gluten. In Hungary, more and more people are reluctant to live with this autoimmune disease. At a very young age, gluten content can develop within one to three years after the introduction of gluten in foods. The disease may appear later in adulthood and in many cases may remain undetected, as it may not be accompanied by symptoms and sudden abnormalities.
There is only one effective treatment for the disease: the gluten-free diet, which the subject must adhere to for the rest of his or her life. Those suffering from such a disease should not consume any form of wheat, rye, barley, hybrids thereof, acacia or its forerunners. Care should be taken in processed foods and finished products as gluten is a preferred ingredient in ingredients.
What's free?
The supply of gluten-free products has been quite poor, but nowadays the abundance of gluten is surprising and welcome! Gluten-containing cereals can be used as substitutes for corn, corn, rice. Recommended meats, fish, greens, fruits, natural dairy products, eggs and special gluten free products, including flour, breads, pastries, pastries, foods. The company has taken a lead in providing gluten-free products, continually researching and developing them in line with specific dietary requirements, while maintaining a healthy, healthy diet. Continuing research with leading universities and international research institutes.
Come on!
Today's Gluten Free World Day will be the first event of its kind in Hungary. The June 9th event will be waiting for you with a number of programs. Dietitians and cooks have also helped make the diet more exciting and delicious with a cooking show, a range of products, interesting recipes, and Hungarian and Italian ingredients to make the diet even more delicious. For the best of the children, Alma will also perform at the Folyondár Street Sports Center, where they are counted on a large eyer.