This is how the fraud action plan started

The first element of the action plan was launched on July 1st: baby doll support, chocolate loan extensions, mortgage loan waivers, and large family car insurance discounts.

This is how the Family Equity Plan was launched with the help of the State Secretary for Family Affairs, Katalin Novovk, who said that the Family Equity Plan could further reduce childbirth and the family. The politician also told the newspaper that government agencies would be as supportive and flexible as possible in the action plan: claims for support would inevitably have to be filed immediately. - We thought the interest would be extremely high, bнzunk but that it will not be fennakadбs, йs zцkkenхmentesen tudjбk then igйnyeket benyъjtani the йrdeklхdхk - said the бllamtitkбr.A kormбny tцbb than HUF kьlцnнtett hetvenmilliбrd the йv vйgйig the babavбrу tбmogatбs the csokhitel bхvнtйse the jelzбloghitel-elengedйs йs the nagycsalбdosok autуvбsбrlбsi to cover your discount, and about $ 2 billion in funding for next year's budget to fund fraudulent equity. To do this, parents with four or more children are exempt from personal income tax, and your grandparent's grandchild will be connected as well.

These are baby loan terms and conditions

Beginning in July, housewives can claim up to tens of millions of dollars of free interest-free loans, so that if three children are born, the total amount is converted into a non-refundable grant. The loan will be $ tцrlesztхrйszlete month fizetх цtvenezer up, but if цt йven belьl vбrnak child, a third hуnapjбtуl vбrandуssбg felfьggesztik the fizetйsi kцtelezettsйgьket.Ha the pбr hбrom йven belьl mбsodik child is vбllal, tцrlesztйsi kцtelezettsйgьket szьneteltetik mйg hбrom йvre, йs release the fennбllу hiteltartozбsuk 30 percent. If a third baby is born, the state will reimburse the full amount to be paid back from the young. The construct can be used to the fullest if the first couple of months after the first month of being pregnant with their first child, the couples need to pay for it - since three children are born, they don't need to pay back any money. tбmogatбssal. Support is provided that the mother is between 18 and 40 years old, and one of the couple has a fixed-term employment relationship or a higher education legal relationship. It is further stipulated that if the couple has several children, at least one of the parties should be in the first marriage.


The family home improvement discount starts in early Julyit also extends to the purchase of used real estate. Two and three-child families can apply for a loan with a guaranteed interest of less than three percent and a maximum maturity of 25 years. The monthly repayment plan is HUF 48,000 for tens of millions of forints and 72,000 forints for 15 million. With baby support and other home loans, you can pick up a bar, and even family planning can take on a baby. In the case of chocolate, the government estimates in advance 12-13 thousand applications per year.

Who is allowed the mortgage loan?

Families who want more children and have a mortgage loan can also have a mortgage loan release from July. The family has an existing home loan when the second baby arrives, the state pays one million forints, even after the birth of the third child, another $ 4 million is released from the debt. Every newer child in the world will receive an additional one million forints. If you picked up the 15 million forints chocolate bar, your monthly repayment can be reduced from 72 thousand forints to 48 thousand forints. According to the government, up to 7-8 thousand families are expected to live with the measure each year.

This is how to replace the car

Families with three or more children can replace their existing car with a safer, greener, and larger car, with a large family car discount.Families with at least three children can receive up to $ 2.5 million in non-refundable support Buy a new, at least a half-car, up to half the price of the car. Single or two-parent families can enter the construction from the 12th week onwards with the third child. Now it looks like a serious need for support: By the end of 2022, it is likely that 14,000 families will be eligible.Related links: