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Long weekends in 2019

Next year is a week-long weekend, plus a six-day "weekend".

Long weekends in 2019Although we will have fewer weekends for the year than last year, we still have plenty to plan for: week long weekends in 2019. Let's see how our long weekends will evolve next year.January 1, 2019Tuesday: December 31st, we will close / start the year with a four-day weekend.March 15, it is Friday, so we will have a three-day weekend.April 19-22., Friday-Monday: Long weekends from Good Friday to Easter Monday.June 10, Monday: This will be the Friday long week.Aug. 20., Tuesday: Here we give the weekday (August 19th) a day off, so we can count on this long weekend.November 1, for example: long weekend, three daysDecember 25th and 26th., Wednesday, and Thursdays: 24th, Christmas and 27th, and Friday holidays will be added to the Christmas holidays, meaning Tuesday to Sunday, May 1st, October 23rd, and January 1st so these holidays will only mean a one-day rest in 2019.