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Not everyone will get free vaccination against varicella

Next year, vaccines against varicella will be included in compulsory, no-vaccine vaccinations in our country, and children who are not over the age of protection should be protected against them.

Not everyone will get free vaccination against varicellaVaricella is more severely dehydrated in adulthood. During pregnancy and in the fetus / newborn, it can be extremely dangerous, so you should think twice before giving birth to a high-dose, two-dose vaccine.
Also in Hungary, there is a mandatory age-related vaccine against varicella, as of January 1, 2019, according to a previous government announcement. As a result of this action, future generations will be relieved of the risk of a very unpleasant and potentially serious disease that can be effectively prevented by vaccination alone.

- 4.2 million cases of infections and 4200 deaths worldwide each year from varicella

- Pregnant mothers and the fetus are at increased risk of disease, and vaccination should be given at least 4 weeks prior to childbirth

- Adult cancers have a more severe course, increasing the risk of complications. According to experts, 5-10% of the domestic adult population did not fall ill or did not acquire immunity

- According to the expert, the defense program was recommended regardless of the law enforcement program

- Obligatory vaccination results can reduce the number of illnesses by up to 90%, so related health care costs can fall

Exactly which age will be vaccinated in the national vaccination program will be made public sooner by the health profession. It is recommended that the first dose of the double dose vaccine be given at 12 to 18 months of age and the second dose at least 6 weeks after the first dose.
"There will be children who will not be included in the state vaccination program from their age, but parents should be reminded that it is as important for them to develop adequate protection as their peers." Dr. Pytta GyцrgyPresident of the Home Pediatricians Association.The Pediatrician added: "This also prevents missing children from catching the disease in their teens or adolescents. to those who are ill in the wombs, in the kindergartens. "

Persuasive International Example: Where Pancreatitis Is Almost Lost

According to World Health Organization (WHO), there are 4.2 million cases of carcinoma of the world each year, resulting in cancer deaths, which is why the WHO vaccine There has also been a drastic reduction in the number of cases and cases of disease-related and hospitalized cases requiring hospitalization. In the EU, Austria, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Latvia, Greece, Spain and Italy have also been included in the vaccine program in the country since 2004. the number of cases decreased by 90% and the number of cases of cancer decreased by 81% in all age groups. The program бllami vйdхoltбsi Egyesьlt Бllamokban also бtlagosan legalбbb 88% in the csцkkentette bбrбnyhimlхs megbetegedйsek szбmбt the szцvхdmйnyes cases йs the kуrhбzi бpolбsra szorulу fertхzцttek szбmбt is.Egy metaanalнzis 2016, which analyzed 42 kutatбs eredmйnyeit, szintйn came to the kцvetkeztetйsre: two-dose vaccination has significantly reduced the number of milder and more severe cases. Experiences were similar in Navarra, Spain: the requirement for a double-dose vaccine almost eliminated the disease, reducing its incidence by 98.5%, and reducing the number of cases per day. anti-vaccination data has been available in several countries for several years, showing that the average number of years before vaccine introduction is equal to

Puppy in wolfskin?

Contrary to popular belief varicella is not a harmless disease - Complications occur at all ages and the disease is usually more severe in adulthood. 1-3% of patients also require hospitalization because of their events. During infancy, most patients are hospitalized because of overinfection of the small bladder, and the number of neurological complications increases. " it can not only infect children. Those who have not fallen ill in childhood may be just as frail in adulthood, dr. Poet Gyцrgy. According to estimates, the proportion of the affected adult population in Hungary can be 5-10%, potentially 500,000 to 1 million adolescents and adults may be at risk of the disease. Йrdemes know the vйdхoltбs beadhatу bбrmikor also felnхttkorban. "The felnхttkori bбrбnyhimlх usually sъlyosabb lefolyбsъ йs ezйrt greater. The most common komplikбciуk kцzй the szцvхdmйnyek elхfordulбsбnak kockбzata the bakteriбlis felьlfertхzхdйs, tьdхgyulladбs йs neurological fertхzйs included. The felnхtteknek should also szбmolniuk caused by Varicella including nerve dermatitis, a cyst that is caused by the reactivity of viruses that remain in the nerves during previous varicella infection.

Before you have a child, you should think about protecting yourself!

Pancreatic mother and baby can be both dangerous and can lead to miscarriage. The risk of fetal varicella in the first three months of pregnancy is significant: complex, irreducible abnormalities affecting the nervous system, vision, hearing, heart, limbs can occur, and the fetus may develop. during the trimester, a serious infection can occur in the pregnant mother. "Therefore, families planning for childbirth should always be advised to: vaccination is especially recommended for young women who have not fallen ill before pregnancy"- the pediatrician explained. If a woman before family planning does not know for sure whether she is ill, this can be determined by a simple serologic examination and, if necessary, she should be notified." , especially if the disease develops in the mother in the days immediately before or after childbirth. The terhessйg idejйn caught bбrбnyhimlх-fertхzйs means increased kockбzatot both vбrandуs йdesanya and fetal szбmбra the gyermeknйl formed larger esйllyel цvsцmцr the elsх nйhбny йletйvben.A gyermekvбllalбst tervezх nхknek if mйg not undergone the бt betegsйgen, mindenkйppen йrdemes consider the vйdхoltбst At the same time, as pregnant women cannot be vaccinated, they must wait at least a month after vaccination to become pregnant. Pancreas is our age is one of the most common infectious diseases: In Hungary, there are 35 to 40 thousand cases of varicella per year, but the number of people actually infected is close to one hundred thousand. Approximately 2.5% of healthy children with no underlying disease develop heart disease, most commonly bacterial infections and neurological complications. In a study in Belgium, at least 100 out of 100 toddlers under the age of one need hospital treatment for varicella. Based on 13 years of data from a domestic infectious intensive care unit, 76% of children in this department had a history of healthy heart disease due to varicella events.

The most effective protection is a two-dose vaccine

According to a 2016 study, the vaccination rate of the Hungarian society is estimated to be 10-15%, whereas the WHO considers a vaccination rate of at least 80%. If at least 80% of the population is defended, it is also possible to prevent the onset of major disease by adulthood. prevents severe events, avoids possible deaths, avoids costs and saves money. It improves the family's finances, as sick parents leave home for weeks because of the caring for a sick child - a Swedish study makes it easy for me to be left out of work. The megtakarнtбs also tбrsadalmi level jelentхs: йvi tцbb than HUF 1 milliбrd szakйrtхk becsьlik the bбrбnyhimlх kцzvetett йs kцzvetlen betegsйgterhйt.Azйrt cйlszerы vбlasztani the kйtadagos vakcinбt, since a portion of the oltбs jбrvбnyok kitцrйsйt not szьnteti it is tanulmбnyok egybehangzуan bizonyнtjбk the kйtadagos vйdхoltбs higher hatйkonysбgбt. A domestic study also suggests that children under the age of 12 would be offered earlier instead of a single dose of vaccine two vaccinations minimбlis given level csцkkenthetх the only oltбst kцvetхen 15-20% of the observed бttцrйses fertхzйsek esetszбma.A nemzetkцzi experience megerхsнtik experience domestic цnkormбnyzati finanszнrozбsъ oltуprogramok also pйldбul Hуdmezхvбsбrhelyen the tбmogatott vakcinбciу lбtvбnyos eredmйnyt kьzdelemben brought against the most common fertхzх gyermekbetegsйg. In the past years, several cities (Kaposvár, Eger, Miskolc, Salguttar) have launched a non-purulent eradication program. The beneficial effects will end up on a national level by raising them to a national varicella vaccination program.Related articles in Bovine Pancreas:
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