Useful information

Head - Hand

Our lives will be much easier if we can milk the milk. We can freeze it for up to a month or so.

Milking by hand is easy and painless. Sterilize the equipment and wash your hands. Stimulate milk flow with a warm bath or place a warm flannel on your breast. Put the pot in front of us.

One breast

Massage with one hand next to it.

1. With one hand, prop it up and start massaging it from the top down.

2. Work around it, including the lower part. Let's do at least ten rounds; this will help the milk flow through our channels.

3. Swipe your car down beside the nipple. Don't push the glands in your breast.

4. Apply a slight downward pressure on the part of the nipple court.

5. With two thumbs in your thumb, pinch the part above the bulb and push it backwards at the same time; the bimbula will spill out of milk.

Breast alternation

1. Repeat the massage on the other breast.

2. Squeeze some milk out of the bimbula.

3. Let's go back to the previous breast and repeat the whole procedure; milk production has started so far, so we can get more milk. Let's switch between the two until there is more milk.

With head pump

The pump goes faster with the pump than with the hand, but we may not get the right amount and may find it painful. (If so, head is better by hand.) A "syringe" type pump is generally more efficient than a spherical shape. Choose a pump whose outer cylinder can be inserted into the baby bottle. Either ask for a wise advice on whether to rent an electric pump or whether to buy a battery-operated one. Bags can also be obtained for breast milk storage.

1. Sterilize the equipment and wash your hands. Turn the pump down. Loosen it with warm water and massage the breast as we do with our hands. Place the pump shifter on the nipple barrier impermeably: it should work exactly like a child's clamp.

2. Hold the transfer tube tightly and pull the outer roller out; so we remove the milk from the breast.

3. Squeeze the cap onto the glass, chill the milk or freeze.

Store milk

Use sterilized equipment Do not put the soother in the milk; if the milk is frozen, remove the pacifier from the veggie.

1. Pour the milk into the glass; in the first weeks we get about 60 ml.

2. Close the glass tightly and cool the milk. So let's just release it at room temperature before use.