Spit, Childhood Excitement: Symptom and Treatment

During play, it is easy for a child to fall. In such cases, in the worst case, bruising can occur. What to do in the event of a crash?

What the fuck, excitement?

From babies or toddlers to thrills, lapels, cows business injuries are relatively uncommon, if the child is exposed to a high level of strength, they usually produce more reflexes. In the case of motion, the two bone marrow that make up the business move out of place, the business case and ribbon open, and may, in the future, be severed with greater power, but the end of the vigorous force may be lost. In the case of a femur, bone malformations at the extremity of the extremity, when displaced from the vertebrae, remain in an abnormal position. In both cases bevйrzйsek formed.

Symptoms of a spanking, frenzy

The most common symptom of my lap is that business is perceived to be painful and swollen, its movement is completely narrowed, and most of the time it shows a characteristic distorted and deformed image, since the bone defects are not in a good position. The movement is sometimes asymptomatic, but in many cases it can be accompanied by great pain, varying degrees of swelling, and bruising. In this case, the business can be moved, but the range of motion is significantly reduced and movement extremely painful.

Diagnosis and treatment of sprains, agitation in children

The condition of the spit physical examination and x-raying, this is usually enough. Physical examination of the lesion can be verified, but due to its symptoms similar to refraction, the examination is often performed with X-rays. These can be used to map the extent of the cartilage abnormality, which is important because it greatly influences the course of treatment. With the help of the stability test of the business, the knowledge of the changes, the knowledge of the history, whether it is conservative, without fixing, plaster or drying.

Sprains and thrills can also occur during play

Tightening does not necessarily mean plaster today, as orthesis, substitute pads, ankle brackets, shoulders and wrists. These auxiliary devices are made of a flexible, rubberised material, which is provided in several places with inserts into which metal or plastic fasteners can be inserted. If you remove the attachment from the utility tool, it can be washed in lukewarm, mild-water - so no matter if it is a little dirt.

Prevention of sprains and stress

Slips and injuries can be minimized by minimizing accident risks. It's a good idea to pay attention to the fact that less danger in the home and on the playground can expose your child to learning how to move more steadily. You should pay special attention if your child is running on mud or ice or is very alert to moving in the body.

Useful information about lap, exercise

If a member of the child appears to be agitated or sprained, the first and most important thing to do is soothe. Let the little one place him in the most comfortable position and then start using his limb. You should not hurry, because if there is no serious trouble, after a few minutes it will do it by itself. If you are not going to use the wrecked body in minutes, you need to get it to a surgical specialist. Be careful, for example, you can cause damage to the child's arm by lifting it by the arm. Sometimes it is the birthplace of an innocent gamer that is wrong.Szaklektor: dr. Dávid Kováts is a specialist in pediatric surgeryThe following articles are also related to wit, exercise, bruising:
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