Answers to the questions

Babba brought the show

Shepherd Victoria Newborn, television editor-in-chief. Practicing mother, little son, Oliver, three years old, has been worried about pregnant women for the seventh month.

- Do you worry?
- In some situations, worry is a natural part of one's condition. I don't think a pregnant woman is excited because it's part of the image, but because she's pregnant. It responds more spiritually and physically to these impulses. For example, some of the experiences I had during my first pregnancy with Oliver are now worthless, and everything is changing. At the time, I can say, I bought the barriers very lightly, and in the first three months of this year I was constantly feeling bad. I searched for comments and found that we would have a baby girl. Needless to say, it won't be that much about beliefs. So of course I'm worried if I didn't, I'd have more reason to be scared. My easiest thing to do is that the comforting words of the couple and Professor Czeizel are well-grounded ...
- Slowly nine months into the production of 9 months of TV2 magazine coverage. To what extent have you been able to use the knowledge gained here in the past months?
- I've been fortunate enough to have interviewed many experts about the questions that most employ people, from the reasons of premature birth to the importance of screening. However, I noticed that the more problems I could hear, the more concerned I was about the signs. A kind of professional injury, if you can call it that. Viewed from here, the first baby-baby passed the mark of "happy ignorance", by now "only" happiness remained. That's not bad, though.
- You're in the seventh month. How are you?
"Fortunately, broadcasting allows me a great deal of freedom, and I can easily organize to work when my little boy is in the air." And I can do most of the road work from home. The hardest part of the past month was the week, which we rotated almost every day to complete the parts that will be broadcast until the end of the summer. This - only with regard to the Kurzwizzi section, in which we present the births of the country, and so far these 33 classes have been known to the viewers - has been the subject of numerous, most numerous domestic revolutions. It might sound like a middleman, but without me, it wouldn't work.
- During your work, you meet a lot of people and experts, and you know almost every hospital. What are your most important experiences and impressions?
- The use of alternative methods, for example, has led to very interesting observations. At the moment, there is no home birth market in the world where you can or should not try to create these opportunities, so an institution that has no other way is basically uncompetitive. However, these tools seem to be important mainly in the choice of the hospital, when it comes to the time of distress, and few are alive with it. In Budapest they prefer both the tub and the ribbed wall, while in the country they prefer the ball. Another important experience is that despite the fact that a toddler can be informed in countless forums today, there is still a lot of fatherlessness and lack of interest. That is why I hope that 9 months has helped all quests in the distribution of their doubts, as well as in obtaining new information, from the preservation of the stem cells to the correct nutrition.
- What problems and misunderstandings do you most often encounter?
- Many mothers, for example, do not know how important their health is, so they do not take the necessary examinations seriously. It is not enough to know that the baby is okay at week 20, we also need to pay attention to ourselves. For the rest, this also serves the purpose of health, as do the various screening tests. I sincerely recommend to everyone, if possible, have it done.
- Finally, routine endeavor: with so much activity, how much time does it take for the family?
- If you didn't get a little more than that, I'd stop. Anйlkьl doesn't go. I'm not working, I just like what I do. So it is very important that I feel successful at home. It is only possible that I see not only appreciation or pride, but also love in the eyes of my child and my son. And of course they are mine too.