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One year ago, Judith Minda found out at the ultrasound that she was not pregnant with a baby and not with a twin couple, but with three twins.

Helping her mothers with the triple twin, triple twin mother. Forrбs: Instagram

It's much more stressful than a simple pregnancy

Judit was a bit shocked - let's face it, it would have been for anyone - but at least she wasn't that unknown, since she herself was a member of three twin brothers. - Just because I came out of medicine, walked over to my car, and sobbed like never before. I needed some time to process it - Judit Norway commented on the first ultrasound picture she shared on Instagram. The mother suspected that being pregnant with triple twins would be an unbelievable difficult thing, as it is more physical and more risky than having a baby.
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This picture was taken of the babies at our third scan. Our second scan was very emotional. Glenn and I went to the doctor's appointment together to see if our baby was developing fine. Well… it didn't take long until the doctor discovered 2 more babies and announced that we were expecting three. Coming out of the doctor's office I felt a huge panic growing on me and by the time we got to our car I was crying like never before. It took us some time to process the information. The next scan was 3 weeks later and it was amazing. What a developement… in just three weeks. These tiny humans already had their legs and arms and they were super active that day. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I could have watched them bouncing forever. The next scan is coming up soon, 13th September. I am hoping to be able to find out about the babies' gender ????????????? 1, 2, 3! #triplets # tbtoweek11 #wishmeluck #pregnantwithtriplets #mybundleofjoy #firsttimepregnant

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Judith had extreme nausea during the first 20 weeks, her heart rate tachycardia was high during pregnancy, and the baby's blood flow slowed from week 31, and her mother, during her waking life, also suffered from difficulties in breathing. On January 29, the triplets were born: Filip, Henrik and Amelia. While Judit was unable to recover after a busy birth, her friends, Sophia and Sylvia, shared pictures of their Instagarm boyfriend and helped them adjust to their new life situation. - The fact that they were always by my side gave me strength in difficult situations, as I realized that I never had to deal with anything alone. No matter what life brings, this two wonderful people will always be with me - Post on Instagram.
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? # 1? 21 weeks since the birth of Filip, Amelia and Henrik? # 2? 21 weeks pregnant with the triplets? # 3? # 4? 21 weeks postpartum. 34 weeks ago today I was still counting the days and hoping to be able to cook my babies for 13 more weeks… and today I am wondering how time can pass by so terribly fast ?! Filip, Amelia and Henrik were born exactly 21 weeks ago ??… The babies are showing more and more of their personalities and it has been very exciting to see three different personalities unfold… Filip is a smiley and very social little guy. He seems to be paying attention to everything that is happening around him and he often rewards us with the cutest smiles ????. He is also the most sensitive little soul. Our little Filip has a very complex personality with a curious mind… Amelia is our little diva. She loves being entertained and she is a talker. She has had some minor issues after coming home from the hospital but (knocking on wood now) she is all good and healthy by now. She gets extremely happy when she gets food. ??? She has started to try to roll her tummy but have not managed it yet… Henrik is extremely funny and loves being in the center of everyones? attention. We always joke that he is practicing to become a soprano. I have never in my life heard anyone be able to scream at such high pitched voice. He is usually in a good mood but mercy on our ears when he gets uncomfortable or hungry. Well… at least we know that they have a well developed vocal cords and strong lungs ????… the babies have entered a phase where they require more and more -some days of constant physical contact and would get very sad if they dont get it taken up. Being only 2 adults to 3 babies makes it very difficult to satisfy the babies at all times so there has been a lot of crying in the last weeks which often makes me sad, feeling like a bad mum who? Ll never be enough… I hope my babies will always know that they are owning my heart forever. ??… #triplets #trillinger # 21weeksold #inandout #postpartum #tripletpregnancy #littlediva #soprano #momoftriplets # 21weeksbump. Gift / annonse @marmarcopenhagen bodies are from @ ??

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It inspires other moms

Now he is re-running his own profile, through which a triple twin mom - who is also a triple twin - documents her life to give power to other mothers. From the real pictures of the postpartum body, how easy it is to breastfeed three kids at a time, sharing everything about how life with three babies is.
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??????? These girls and these kiddos ??????? . Finding out about being pregnant with triplets was the biggest shock of my life and the most unexpected news I could ever have. It has been an amazing journey and I am so happy and thankful for being able to share it with these two ladies. Having them by my side has given me courage, helped me through tough periods and made me realize that there is nothing in life I will ever have to face alone! No matter what life will bring I will always have two amazing persons to count on… For no special reason I just want to say thank you to my sisters for all their support and love… I LOVE YOU @sofiminda @szilvieszter ????? ?… #Triplets #girlpower #mysisters #besties #bestfriends #sistersquad #sisters #oslo #norge #trillinger #lovemysisters #family #tripletsofoslo #trillingselv #tripletsofinstagram # cherishthelove… Ps: Everyone in the Oslo area: Use discount code 'triplets' and book newborn photoshoot in april for 20% off! ?? Ved bruk av rabattkode 'triplets' for two 20 rabatt pine nyfшdtfotografering hos prisvinnende fotografen den flinkeste og sшteste Trine-Lise Henriksen. Fotografering mе bookes i april. ?? . The photo session was a gift from @trlx

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However, one of his most special posts is definitely where he and his neighbors are with the three babies: these three twins hold three twins in their hands - which is very rare and special. Probably Judit's life is not very simple, but she's really impressive in how she can share it with her followers. How do you skin the ring? Well, presumably like any other mother, He is also driven by love. "My mother made me sleep incredibly little," and I feel very bad about my sleep. But if I get a smile or a little laugh from my kids, that night can also be forgotten.Forrбs: mother.lyRelated links: