Pancreas: yes or no?

It is better to catch it as soon as possible, many people say. But is it wise to force a sick person?

A lollipox lollipop was recently banned by an American online auction portal, and was promoted by a mom with a good business sense and morbid fantasy. Because when she's a kid bбrбnyhimlхs became aware of how many people want to visit us just to catch the disease. After getting bored with the bustle of visitors, he first offered his child a "lover" of lollipops, and then started scolding them online. Many people buy it because many people think it is better for the child to be over it. This saves both the cost and the unpleasantness of the vaccine, and the immunity it naturally gains is always stronger than that obtained with the vaccine.
It is a fact that such parties are almost always successful. Because varicella is a highly contagious disease of the family of herpes. A holy saint or a handshake may be enough to catch one. It's no wonder that as soon as you get into ovi or school, 90 percent of the kids fall on it. There is usually no reason to panic. THE bбrбnyhimlх in the vast majority of cases, all sorts of problems occur quickly and quickly. For parents, the greatest difficulty is usually caused by how to resolve child care during the two weeks that the blisters are finally being discharged.
If you look at it, it's not stupid like that - the sooner you get caught bбrбnyhimlхt, it's more embarrassing. Adults are more susceptible to the disease, are more affected by the disease, are more likely to catch secondary infections, and may be particularly dangerous to pregnant women and their fetus.
THE bбrбnyhimlх for his name is not as gentle as a bear. You can sometimes have a wolf, and unfortunately, it is impossible to know in advance that it will be spayed by the child by ejecting it, or it will become so large that the skin does not even look and care for it. In addition, varicella reduces the child's immune system and can infect a myriad of secondary infections during the recovery period. The most common are inflammatory dermatological diseases, which are difficult to detect, as people tend to consider it to be a part of the epidermis when new external manifestations occur, but also rarely cause fetal rhinitis. But appendicitis, inflammation of the brain, meningitis, and pneumonia can also occur in the list of possible events.
Let's be level: a bбrбnyhimlх without them, it can be very painful and unpleasant. After all, illness is manifested by other strengths, and strangely enough, a family becomes more and more agile when children are caught one after another. A long illness, often carried on for months, wears on everyone, and if you look from here, it is not such a good idea to deliberately have a child, especially if there is another, lighter one.
It is a fact that this does not provide complete security, as it is effective only in 70-90 percent. Many parents find that even though the child is vaccinated despite the vaccination, it will only become less severe, and almost no events will occur.