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PICi Dolls Are Created in Family-Friendly Classes in the USSR

Parents can be better integrated into baby care, thanks to the new, family-friendly tools introduced in the Early Childhood Department.

For premature babies, healing is important and every time spent together is important for the family. Even very small and possibly underdeveloped babies need to be able to grow and heal, and their parents need to be present at all times. For this reason, a large teljesнtmйnyы milk fejхgйpet йs a mobile ECG given бt the Koraszьlцttek Orszбgos Egyesьlete (KORE) йs Natur Aqua Magyar Honvйdsйg Egйszsйgьgyi Kцzpont Honvйdkуrhбz, Szьlйszet-Nхgyуgyбszati ​​Osztбly йs Perinatбlis Intenzнv Center szбmбra that szнvbeteg йs jцtt vilбgra the vбrtnбl korбbban can babies be with their parents? monitors help keep you safe.
Donation signboard provided by KORE representative To Dr. Nabor Csabab, Chief Physician and Team of the Perinatal Intensive Center (PIC) of the Hungarian Army Health Center.
"The country first family friendly PIC-You've been baby the big guys. Not only do we say we have 24 ounces of visitation. All health and non-health workers, the families of PICs, are an equal partner, in an ancillary relationship, to serve premature babies. We also consider this to be of paramount importance, as having the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time and quality minutes at the expense of the family is our eyes. We are constantly working to integrate parents as soon as possible and best into the baby care, bringing the next step in the family-centered care, family integrated care let's focus on it, "he said in connection with the teaching Dr. Csaba Nбdor.Family-friendly tools in the premature ward of the Honorary HospitalThe simplest intervention and medication for premature babies for a healthy start to life is breast milk. The kangaroo method, that is, keeping your baby on the chest and the normal body temperature from this time in your womb, as well as the well-known voice and parental sounds, helps you a lot more and more. However, kangaroo moments are not the solution for all baby boomers, as breastfeeding, growth and healing milk for regular breastfeeding is not required for the stillborn baby. The New Head Machine of the Honkhurdur House will help the early holes in this.
THE fejхgйpet when placed close to the baby-mom bridge, the amount of breast milk can increase by up to 25 percent. In addition, the mobile ECG also makes the group more fun for kids. "Our PIC in the last few years has begun to deal with newborns in the cardiological developmental disorder. mobile ECG, they are a great help, "he added Dr. Csaba Nбdor.
Providing financial support for the purchase of a headgear and a mobile ECG, NaturAqua is a committed supporter of Hungary's prematurely assisted care. His partner, KORE Intermediate, has helped to make hospital departments family friendly to ensure the peace of their parents, along with the care of premature babies. Other Important Articles in Early Childhood: