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The lens has 12 fun effects

Better than pepper and beans, though, usually only during New Year's Eve and New Year's. Why is the lens so healthy? Tips and tips for lenses.

Brown lens

In England and India, they are milled to make flour and then used in the form of lentils. In our country, soup or cookers are usually made from it, but lentil salad is beginning to cool down. Let's see why it is worth spending much more time on the lens for families.

What's in the lens?

Interesting about the lens
  • Esau sold an over-the-counter lens to Jacob's first-time lawyer.
  • Mr. People also ate lenses around 8,000.
  • The shape of the birth and the symbol of the death cycle in the Jewish religion was completed.
The lens is not small Vitamin A, B1, B2, B9, B11, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron talбlhatу. The large amount of protein (about 28%) contained in the pods of the diet is easy to digest for the body, with 10 dg of lentils more than white in beef. But we have to mention significant rosttartalmбt (3-4 grams per 100g), which is the highest when left unpeeled.The calorie content is very high: 340-350 kcal (1430-1480 kJ) per 100 grams. (The red lens is slightly less than the brown lens.)
Similarly, it has a high carbohydrate content - 53g to 60g CH falls on 10 lbs. While this is not a small amount, but because its glycemic index is low, it is slowly absorbing carbohydrate, so it can be good for diabetics and can be well incorporated into the diet.

The red lens contains less calories

The lens has 12 fun effects

  • improves liver function
  • does good to the eye
  • repose
  • high levels of folic acid in pregnancy - especially for fetal development
  • it has a good effect on your metabolism, super food hardening
  • helps stabilize blood pressure
  • reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
  • helps control blood glucose levels
  • when you change, it reduces your symptoms
  • increase the fertility of men
  • promotes hair growth
  • supports wound healing

How old can a baby get a lens?

THE 8 day card we can make a lens for the little one. But with quantity just be careful! It is advisable to lower the first broth and then only the second broth to avoid the stomach abdomen. We can also make a red lens for the little ones - here's a green baby recipe.

Hot Tips for Lens

  • the older the lens, the longer it should be cooked
  • do not mix different types of lenses, as other cooking times may occur
  • be sure to wash well and remove pebbles (which often occur in the lens) before cooking
  • soaking it half an hour before cooking will soften faster, but you can cook it without soaking
  • if you want to avoid bloating, pour the first hot water (wait until it boils and then flush the water)
  • do not smoke, vinegar the lens during cooking as this will require further cooking (leave these checks for the end of the operation)
  • worth making brown lentil soup and steaks, green salad and soup steaks, and red lentil cream soup
  • the red lens does not need to be cooked as long as the brown lens - approx. 20 minutes less cooking time and up to 15 minutes cooking time

lentil soup

Lentil recipes

Lens pots with meatballs
(for two adults and two children)
30 dkg lens
1 onion
3 marsupials
1 canned tomato
1 zellergum
1 bunch of parsley

balsamic vinegar
1 ek oregbnouTo the buttonhole:
30 dkg darб hъs
1 egg
4 tb oatmeal
1 small head onion
1 clove garlic
2-3 pinch sou
a kk dried corianderFurther recipes: (Smoked flesh lentils are only recommended for ages 2-3 years)