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A pregnant mother made 152 servings of herbs after birth

Jessica May Magill's pregnancy at week 37 made 152 meals and 228 meals to save time and money for the baby's birth. Jessica shares her tips on how to get your moms ready.

Made 152 servings of food and 228 snacks (Photo: The Healthy Mummy)The Australian mother decided to make life easier for herself and her family by preparing a huge amount of food before her fourth child was born. The swollen ankles and midwife, Jessica, were in trouble Made 152 servings of food and 228 snacks. "Almost at week 37, I'm going to have my fourth baby. My oldest child is only a few years old, so our lives are getting richer. "Jessica said. The mother included 12 servings of ball, 8 lentils, 8 servings of sausage, 8 servings of vegetarian chili, 12 servings of San Choy Bow, 8 servings of enchiladas, 8 servings of buttery chicken curry and 32 servings of chocolate banana except for the ovis for kids, Jessica made veggies and seed-free meals. " and then, "said the mother. (photo: The Healthy Mummy) This is not the first time Jessica has prepared such an overwhelming amount of food: with her fourth child, she was 14 weeks old when she prepared 43 portions of food and 38 snacks in less than 120 hours. I want to show you that it is not time consuming and not necessarily too expensive, "he said. "If we make more than one ingredient from similar ingredients, we save time and money." (photo: The Healthy Mummy) According to the mother careful planning is all about. "As long as the lasagne is in the oven, you can cook a soup," he added. Frozen greens and fruits are not despised either, he says, and are often cheaper. But nutrition is no worse: when you're done cooking and having to fix everything, it's the hardest part of all. (Via)
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