We can legalize abortion in New Zealand

Currently, abortion is only allowed if the mother is saving her life or health. Now the New Zealand government would change that and legalize abortion.

The New Zealand government plans to legalize abortion as part of a comprehensive legal reform to address the issue of medical abuses.We can legalize abortion in New Zealand At present, abortion in the island can only be legally performed if it saves the mother's life, physical or mental health. The procedure must be approved by two doctors or a consultant. According to the new draft law, the mother should not undergo the required exams before the 20th week of pregnancy, and after the 20th week the practitioner should confirm that. the last medical procedure in New Zealand to be considered a crime. It is time to change this. Andrew Little Minister of Justice.The draft is now before a specialized commission, which is putting it to a social debate. In parliament, MPs will be able to vote for them on conscience, without having to adjust to their party's point of view. The bill, according to the draft, is not sufficiently liberal, because rape does not justify the child or the mother . The ALRANZ group of lawyers says the draft is much better than the current regulation, but it will not be as good as it could be.
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