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Levente also received the special gene therapy medicine

On Tuesday, SMA Levente received a one-time gene therapy treatment at Bethesda Children's Hospital.

Levente also received the special gene therapy medicineIn recent weeks, there has been a great deal of attention in the press and in the media about the new gene therapy method, which was funded by parents in Levente's successful social fundraiser. Gene therapy, patented in the United States and not yet licensed in Europe, has only been used on a small number of occasions (this is the second time in Bethesda). This single treatment can reduce the burden of the disease on the patient, the family, and the health system, replacing the recurrent, lifelong therapy. weakening, losing, and then untreated, leading to death due to the crippling of the paralysis. The condition of the child has significantly improved with the effect of a drug introduced in Hungary one year ago. Injuries supported by Social Security cost 130 million forints in the first year, and maintainers receive 67.5 million forints each year, and are funded by the Hungarian Social Security. The parents of the child have reported on the possibility of a new, one-off gene therapy treatment in the US, which has been given to about 100 children worldwide and has been submitted to clinical trials in Hungary for 4-5 years. Following the successful social collection, the Bethesda Children's Hospital, as one of the national SMA centers, has agreed to submit a treatment application, which was successfully filed on November 26, at the request of the parents. Levente was well on his way to health.
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