Baby's First Full: Prepare for the Cold Weather

It's cold in the winter, but who wants to stay in the apartment all the time? If you are a fresh parent, you probably have a number of questions about how to get started with your baby and what to watch out for in the cold.

Baby's First Full: Prepare for the Cold WeatherThe cold is coming. What to Watch Out For in Cold Weather When We Have a Baby? "Babies and Parents Need Fresh Air," he says. Erika Landau, Pediatrician, Baby First Year Guide co-author of the book. "Unless the cold is dangerous, the time spent outdoors has a good effect on the infant's day-night cycle." However, a few things are worth saying. If the temperature is below freezing, do not remove the baby unless you are traveling on shorter roads and just getting in and out of the car. Pay attention to windy weather: there is no temperature above freezing point, if the weather is windy then be careful. "Newborns and babies are not yet able to control their own temperature". Janice Montague, pediatric director of GoodSamariбn Kuhrhaz. He recommends limiting the duration of outdoor play in cold weather. "Babies lose heat faster than adults, and the younger they are, the less capable they are of handling cold weather," he adds. Dr. Kate Puttgen, Johns Hopkins Children's Center of Baltimore. "Babies don't have enough body fat to warm up when it's cold." Few things are worth paying attention to when you want to go out with your baby.

Move it loose

The layering of babies is very important. Use the overcoat or overalls in the stroller as well. The first layer is perfect for the body or pants, followed by a long sleeve plaid, warm hat, coat, gloves, boots. We choose breathable materials, for example cotton.

Let us be amazed if we go by car

It is important that the car does not have the same amount of clothes for the baby as it does outside. As soon as we talk, take off the jacket. This is not only because of the difference in color, but also because it is not safe for the baby to travel in a jacket. If your baby is traveling in a jacket, you will need to loosen the car seat straps, but this will not keep the baby safe and secure. After removing the coat, you can use a small blanket until the baby warms up, but only to prevent it from overheating. We can warm the car: by the time the baby is brought out, there is a nice temperature in the car.

Little walk, short stay

There are times when it is better not to take the baby out or just for a very short time, eg. until we go to the car. This is when the temperature falls below freezing, when the head is very strong or when it falls. Do not move the doll because it is overheating quickly, the best way to know is that your face will become red and your neck and body will be warm. Of course, be aware of the opposite: the baby should not be cold, as it can get cold quickly.

Also carry it in cold weather

Carrying is one of the best ways to keep the baby warm with our own body skin. However, be very careful not to overdo it: we, too, "baby" the baby, so it is possible to dress more airily, for example, we can leave the extra pulver. There should always be something on the head and on the feet as this is where the hhbb is lost most rapidly. Make sure your face is not pressed against your chest or jacket so that it does not breathe properly. And be very careful not to get lost on the boat!

Think about how you cover it in the stroller

If you have a stroller, you will certainly use a blanket. This is good, but make sure the blanket and stroller fit: if not, overcrowding will prevent the flow of water. It is best to choose a blanket that fits your particular stroller brand.

Note that there are degrees of humidity in the home

When it's cold outside, we tend to think it should be very warm in the home. But this is not good for the baby either. If it is too hot in the home, there is a high degree of humidity in the air, which dries the baby's fine skin. During the day, 20-22 degrees Celsius, you can lower the thermostat to 18-20 degrees when your baby is asleep. Not only is it skin-friendly, but research also reduces the risk of SIDS.

Protect your baby's skin

It can dry the baby's skin because of cold temperatures and inadequate humidity. Ironically, water can dry out the skin so babies do not have to bathe daily. Bathe the baby in hot, but not hot, water for a long time. We can check the correct temperature of the water with our lightness. If the water is good, the baby should not be in it for more than 10 minutes.
If you have dry skin on your baby, use a moisturizing cream, but it is good to choose what cream to use. Be natural, do not contain colors, perfume, or fragrances, as they may irritate your baby's skin. Do not block the ointment on the pores of the skin either.

Pay attention to the signs

If the baby is shivering, or if his or her limbs and face are cold and red, or if he or she is pale, he or she should be brought into the home immediately. Do not rub on cold areas as this may further damage the skin. Instead, you can warm up the baby with a fine, warm, dry cloth. If you do not experience a change within a few minutes, you should call your pediatrician. Immediate medical attention is needed if the baby's face or lips become cold, his body is too cold, not alert, unresponsive, or lethargy. (Via)
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