What is your ideal family?

Here's the little one, now you're deceiving. But what will this family be like? What requirements do you have to meet?

You are also an ideal family

It may also take hours, days, or weeks, for both of you to feel like you have become a family, you cannot create a whole without the little ones. Whether your first babies are coming in, your sixth baby is always in a new relationship, everyone needs to find a placeand very wary that you will hold it. One of the most important keys to this whole game, which we call family life, is tьrelem. Do not be frightened if you have not lost the happiness suggested by the commercials, and do not be disappointed if you find your couple somewhat troubled. This is one of the biggest changes in your life. We believe that no one was happy that everything was going to be pink. But hopefully, many have said that it will be worth it, because you will receive very special gifts from life, and not a few.

Ideal family?

Look around! Do you know a homeless family? There is a place where there is always order, everyone always knows when the other one is coming home, having dinner together, and after the evening's chill there is electricity. There is a lot of confusion, good luck, good dinner, not always a midnight dinner, and sometimes the day goes on. I hope you have a similar opinion with your parody on these things, but at least it has been so long compromise, some sort of common order (or common disorder), similar values, similar ideas about equality. That's why it's important to know what's different and where to go back. Because now there is something else next, a different order that the baby plays, but all three of you will be involved in it. Don't believe it is an ideal family. It sounds bad that dad and mom take the same amount of work from home and upbringing if dad is working three shifts, or if mom has an exam session. The point is that you have a good sense of yourself and are able to solve the tasks that are waiting for you. Your neighbor will solve his or her own, not to mention the soap bars in the soap operas.

Two parents, a child?

No, not at all, it's just you. The family is greatly influenced by its environment, which is perhaps quite different from the traditional family model. Many women are having single children, other families are looking for a family, and together with the grandparents, the parent and the child or children are in complete bond. Whatever good you can do to get something good, the point is to keep in mind, which for centuries it is certain: your family is the coffin where you still care if no one else is paying attention. if not, trust that you can create it. Even with Italian impulse, quieter. It is important that you find the optimum distance for this from grandparents and everyone else who lives in your environment. But for this, the grandparents also need to be grandparents.

Intimate moments

Unfortunately, many today identify intimacy with sex. But that's not what you are! Intimacy means letting go of someone. Very close. We can live this with our parents, our kids, our friends and our couple. After childbirth, even if the flames of love do not flutter, there is no need to reseal intimacy. In fact, you are especially good at trying to keep the physical-spiritual closeness between you.Of course, a little baby can feel the need for a baby all day long, and there is someone who keeps a touch. She may have a bit of attention, a cup of fragrant tea, or a delicious chocolate that reaches its "center of gravity." If so, then get started anyway. Slowly you will reach the summit, the totalization. It may take weeks, months, but it will kill him. Both of you should pay attention to this, as this is the baby's interest.