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Down the diaper!

Summer is upon you, get rid of this ruthless panty! "Room cleanliness" is influenced by countless physical and psychological factors, so it is very different when the baby starts to party for the first time.

Room Cleanliness: Some are for parties, some are for the toilet

It is understandable that we want to get rid of the publishing and doing of diapers first. But let's also think that with urgency, Just let us know the opposite for what we wanted. Nutrition is a natural process like eating, even if no one teaches it. With our exaggerated enthusiasm, we just want the little one to learn that he can control the deception with nothing but cackling, squirting, and no cackling. It can cause hell and sorrow, and can provoke anger.

Learns how to control

THE the fetus pee in the womb, the kidneys are now active. Pregnancy is still under infant spinal cord control, irrespective of the baby's intentions: when the bladder is full, the muscles of the cilia are relaxed. The nervous system is required to voluntarily influence when it is pecking and peeing. One of the first steps to notice is to feel the stimulus. This is rarely true before two years of age, so it is absolutely unnecessary to spoil the child during this period. The kid is watching the grownup, but does not mean anything to the whole, since he gets praise for something that just happened to him. Room clean cow won't be much sooner than it would have been "without habit" - Explains dr. Gyula Bьki pediatric neurology is the development of a deliberate voluntary regulation.

Like the big ones!

Most children around the age of one start to wonder about how other family members are doing their job. No need to be shy: we can show you the toilet, even when in use. This is almost inevitable in everyday life. Well, if we get a proper (not too small, not crappy, no music) party this time, we'll show you the tip and tell you, this is something you can try if you want. Not everyone will be immediately enthusiastic about this opportunity, let's leave it behind, put the party in a place where it is in front of you. THE the summer season helped a lot to recognize and control processes. If you run naked in the garden, you will see and see the results of the peeing. It might be easy for him to start playing himself to hold back, especially if we pick him a bush or put the bill down and ask him to try to let go of it. If this doesn't work, of course the child, and if he succeeds, we do not need to visit: one glorious father, and life can go on. There is a child who has a few days of practice, and learns to keep peeing. Other times it gets carried away, they often fall in love with the games, and they don't even get wet when their pants are wet.


Once the baby gets to that level of developmentthat you are aware of when you need to pee, you also get sick, but there are still problems with restraint. Until we release the party, he'll still cry, but we can't say he'll be half dead when we get home. It is important to create a pee in this case for up to five minutes. Let's put on a dress you like easy to lower (not bibs, but rubber waist), and probably not peeing down. Let us always have two underwear and pants or skirts, bags for peeing stuff and a cloth to clean. Usually pees not be cйlszerы felszуlнtбsra, but бtmeneti idхszakban be useful if elindulбs elхtt megkйrdezzьk, rбьlne to the bilire.Kaphatу the babaбruhбzakban цsszecsukhatу, бrusнtott eldobhatу betйttel ъti potty, which kьlцnцsen autуutakon long, beach, nyaralбskor may prove useful segнtхtбrsnak.A key szьlхi patience here is patience: do not consider it a task the cleanliness of the room. There is a process in place in Syria that goes by itself. The parent is good at paying attention to the little one and supporting him, but does not interfere, as long as the events are going well.

What do we consider normal?

  • If your child is changing diapers between the age of three and three, he is able to keep up with his needs until he reaches the toilet.
  • Overnight splashing is "permissible" for one to two years. If the child even in the early years regularly - during the day or night, at least once a week - peeing, then we can talk about a few medical conditions - enuresis in medical language.
  • It is a good idea to consult a specialist even if your child has been clean for a long time (for months) but has fallen.
  • Why do you pee?

    Twin studies testify that it is large can play a role in fecundation: the odds are that twins are likely to have childhood enuresis, 68 percent, while this is just 36 percent. Some research results suggest that the nervous system is irrelevant. It is not unlikely that many children treated with attention disorders, behavioral problems, hyperactivity will have a sudden onset of splashing. watered many times. Under normal circumstances, it is very rare for a child to thirst regularly at night. Mostly the parent accustomed him to night drinking. After the age of five, you can always have your baby peeing for a medical examination, and then, if you have any organic malady, you should go to a psychologist.

    What is the doctor examining?

    We have made this request Dr. Visy Mбria a nephrology, a staff member of the Toltzoltou Street Children's Clinic.
    According to today's point of view, enuresis is in most cases not a disease but a symptom of disturbed functioning of the selected organs. These should always be addressed, as they can eventually lead to serious kidney disease, but there is a chance of prevention. The peeing kid is not weak, and should be trained to be better off. It is not uncommon for her to be as disturbed by wet sheets as she is by her parents. With some simple, not too unpleasant medical examinations, you can know a lot about what's going on inside.

    Hormonal causes

    We know that hormone production has a typical daily rhythm. This may show one-to-one volatility. One of the reasons for urination may be that urine is produced less by day from the hormone (antidiuretic hormone - ADH, or vasopressin) that has been taken back. This works in the wall of the kidney's collecting ducts, increasing the rate of water absorption in the presence - that is, when "ready" urine drains water when it is needed. Now, it produces more urine, but thinner urine. Nothing is easier than eliminating this cause: you have to collect urine for a full day and then measure the specific gravity (that is, the volume) under laboratory conditions. If the night urine is thinner, at least part of the inadequate hormone levels This condition may change over the years, the problem may disappear by itself, but today you do not have to wait for the baby to get artificial hormone replacement in the form of nasal drops. Although many are afraid of it, there is no need to fear that it will change its own hormone producer.

    Old and new inflammations

    It is also the case that a minor structural defect in the kidney causes the problem. Many infants can become infectious at birth or in the first few months, which is virtually undetectable to the parents, as there is little or no indication, he has pains, dyspnoea, drooping slowly, and small amounts of pus in the genitals (or diaper). Dehydrated kidneys allow enough calcium to be released.The small crystals of calcium produce sand, which irritates the kidneys and the mucous membranes of the selected organ system. This leads to splashing. The doctor thoroughly consults the fetus for fetal and infant histories, orders the fetus to collect twelve uranium and sterilize the baby once a night. You should be aware of the calcium content of the foods you eat that day. If you have low calcium intake and high urinary calcium levels, this may indicate kidney dysfunction or urinary tract infection. If nutrition monitoring reveals that your child consumes too much calcium in their daily diets, then simply adjusting their diets can be beneficial. Calcium retention can also be enhanced by drug therapy. This may also be necessary because, in the case of excessive calcium digestion, the body removes lime from the bones, so the musculoskeletal system may be at risk.

    Anatomical differences

    In the background of enuresis, the bladder, the bladder and the sphincter muscles abnormal development Your work may also stop. This can be demonstrated by ultrasound examination if you are adequately sensitive to your doctor's advice, and most of the time you do not need to have any unpleasant catheterization. pee at a predetermined time (say two times). So the child gets used to voluntary restraint and voluntary restraint. The method also works very well for nerve involvement. It is a similar result if three children are awakened and sleepwalked after falling asleep.

    What's in the stream?

    According to Dr. Visy Marria, if a child survives under balanced conditions, he / she can overcome minor organ changes and learn to arbitrarily regulate. This condition, however, is volatile: if there is a mental trauma (death, birth of a little brother, hospitalization), the symptom appears at the "weakest point" of the body, and then again, the need for medical treatment begins. In addition, it is imperative that parents do not scold, scold, beat, or treat them as newborns, or diaper them, as this will increase their patience. can cause mental distress, since the child does not dare to go out to community, sleep in a club or acquaintance, he feels inferior to his contemporaries because of "accidents". An environmental condition may develop that can be interrupted by the co-operation of the parent, the kidney patient, and the psychologist.

    How Does The Kidney Work?

    Blood that is purified from the waste material passes into the kidneys through an artery (blood). The artia is over and over again, as long as the red hair is not thinning. These hair clippers form tiny cords and expel as much fluid as possible, virtually without any blood plasma. However, much of this material is needed by the body, and not just lost, important components must be lost. The fluid that is tried and tested enters the pericardium, which is formed into small conductors. The pouch eventually reaches into the renal leaf, then turns abruptly and returns to the choroid. This is where the ADH begins to work, this area absorbs the water it needs, always as much as the body needs. From here, the fluids (which are virtually urine) pass through the drainage ducts into the kidneys and into the renal pelvis, from where they pass into the urethra.


    The problem of fetal retention it is much rarer than splashing. This, if not caused by infections, is almost certainly due to spiritual causes. Many people respond to stressful situations with diarrhea. Even with small children, you may be constantly anxious because of family tensions or overly serious expectations, and therefore have chronic diarrhea and often get upset. Of course, changing the circumstances and not humiliating the child is the solution. Another thing is, if you find that your panty is occasional. This usually happens when a child holds a baby to the test (because he or she does not dare, or does not want to peck at certain places or situations), and eventually closes out. However, the stiffer barrier crosses the barrier so that the child does not fall. Do not be scolded, rather talk about why you dare not go to the toilet. Let's try to change my schedule, but if the problem goes away, take me to a psychologist. This is called "manipulative contamination" in the literature, and the child - often unconscious - is targeted by the parents of the criminal, and by raising awareness.


    The method I used to persuade my children to use the toilet is not recommended to anyone, because I know how damaging reward and punishment is as an educational tool. I write down my experience to help me in my final desperation. My son was three years old when he loved the life of the pelus in the hot summer. He watered the grass happily, the foot, and his real man's way, too, aimed at the shell. It became clear in days, and that little wet pajamas quickly dried out in the sun, killed it! We started happily. There was only one problem: the big thing. Request for Confidence! We brought him home as he put the foot in the house, as soon as he had the pelus in his hands, poking it under my nose to get it. As I told you, rotty, you're done, at that moment. God, I really shook everything: I put pelus in the toilet because he despised the bill. I allowed him to troll in pelus, but it didn't work. What should I say, I was fed up with it, as I also took care of the little thing. It was like half a year when I finally resorted to a nasty tool: my son was ironic, so one of the dudes was letting his dad go buy the shells if he would be natural in the shell, m. If not, it will take you back. A miracle has happened! Sikerьlt! Even though the box on the shelf stood for a week, it could be "taken back" because their little farmer wants a pelus again. We threw the box out after a week, never having to send the big thing again. Everything went like a wedding ring. Two summers later my girl came. The thing was urgent because we were expecting the third one this fall and I was afraid I would have two diapers again. She didn't do anything from peeing, went to the bar, to the party, to the toilet. The reward of the pelus-free big thing was his weak point, the good thing. One eye Smarties. He demanded it for two weeks, and then we forgot. Цrцkre !!
    B.E., DiуsdJuli (Sz. J.): Twenty-five months ago, on a beautiful February day, he told his family that "he doesn't need pelus". I was a little surprised because there was no sign of this, but I accepted the proposal. I thought it was a foolish idea not to give me a diaper at night, so there was some wrinkling before going to bed. Last night, she regretted that she would not pee again at night. I have just accepted the proposal. He didn't pee in the night! So Juli became clean in two days - and we stayed there with a pack of untouched diapers.


    The two-year-old Christina watches the diaper-inclined animal figures as she purges:
    - It's monkey, it's elephant, it's zebra ...
    - And what is it like? I ask, pointing at the dirty diaper.
    "Cock," he says frantically.
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