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Instruction: Don't reward if you don't

Here is the end of the summer, the fear of parents with their first child, the familiarity of their wilderness, and the cruel time of beginning school for both children and parents.

Instruction: Don't reward if you don'tIf you are unemployed, panicked, or suspected that everything is going smoothly for now, read the tips of the child psychologist at the Czeisel Institute! " gyermekpszicholуgusa. "It can help a lot if the little little one stays with their grandparents, or if the playground doesn't get involved in sandbox conflicts, let it fall"The expert has ruled out that it may be easy for a small child to dissolve in the new medium, but he or she will be looking for his or her mother sooner." It is only natural that a couple of years old are looking for their parents. It should not be confirmed that shedding is something of a ruckus. That's not going to be a bad kid, "says the child psychologist, saying that it often happens that a parent squeals in sorrow when he sees his child take care of them without problems. One of them is almost certain. Of course, September will also give the first grade parents a lesson. "It is not uncommon for ages 6 to 7 in every culture to have a school-age limit, so kids can concentrate on one task for a longer period of time," the practitioner said. is a great place for a large group to find out if your child is fit to start school. It is important that you are able to handle the pencil, stay in place, and pay attention to the learned woman. This is a key quest, and the role of the teacher is paramount in the first year. "According to the child psychologist, it is important that the week before school starts is a common ritual with our child." This period is full of excitement and anxiety. Yeah, if the kid sees you, you can count on us, we're beside him, and we're proud to be a schoolboy. "The reward at school is a quintessential question." The opinions here are very divided, but I think it would be cool would reward you with pride. It's important to keep your little ones motivated by their own development, not the red dots or games "- says the expert and says it's important to do not overload with special weight gyermekьnket. The nervous system, which is exhausted soon, can cause him much more problems in the long run.
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