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Father, we're gonna be born soon!

Here is the third trimester. He practically took control of nature. A happy and troubled period is coming.

You are in for a terrible event - everyone expects a woman before birth to shine with happiness. Why are mood swings so common? Bar errl not fit to talk, the mother realizes she has no choice, you can't say, "sorry, I changed my mind, now I don't have a baby anymore." You are becoming more aware that your body is ready for childbirth. This gives many people strength, but makes others anxious.

If you are almost stressed, it will be better to seek a specialist!

The ban may also capture: can you bear the pain of parenting? Will you be able to have a child and be able to have a healthy birth? For those who have been rejected during previous pregnancies, had a miscarriage, or are fleeing the memory of a previous parent, it is important that recognize the role of these conditions our current expectations and births. Think through what requests, events, or thoughts awaken you! Give it a try let go of your senses! Feeling light relieves pain. Talk about it with your couple or, if it is better, with your friend. If you are almost permanently stressed, it will be better to seek professionalism, and today more psychologists are dealing with the period before childbirth.

Am I gonna be good?

Almost all of your thoughts may revolve around you, to set up the nurseryhow can you make it comfortable, safe? Perhaps you are the best stroller on the net. Wondering which wall paint is not harmful? You may also have heard countless contradictory advice on birthing, breastfeeding, baby care. You want to do your best, you may worry that it will not work. Take our bribe from here: it will work! If not perfect, but good enough and that's it!

Talk to your doctor

If you have a doctor, talk to him. Find out what protocols are in hand. Share your fears with him if you think of a birth plan. The more information you have, the more secure you will be when you are born. In the third trimester, you usually visit your baby's room, not so much the color of the wall, it's more about how the baby is born, what they expect, and how they help you.

Don't just feed me until birth

Prepare for Breastfeeding: It is very important that you prepare for any difficulties you may have before your baby is born, and that you have access to the help you need to take care of when you are breastfeeding. to help you. It is important that you are able to apply for and accept help. Be cool and organize how your family members can best help you.

Talk to your priest

They also talked about what they are expecting, how they are conceiving the baby. Do not deal with any taboos. Both of them have fears, this is completely natural, but not if they did not talk to each other honestly. Soon you will be disappointed, this will make a huge difference for both of you.
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