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Felfбzбs? Why are you back again? - The experts will answer

Again, it's cool and relaxing, so it's worth paying attention to yourself so you don't get cold.

Felfбzбs? Why are you back again? - The experts will answer

Many women struggle with symptoms of colds that almost completely recur. Although these symptoms may be slightly different, they may be equally unpleasant in nature, and may often be marked by severe pain. Is it worth contacting a nun or a urologist? Dr. Rosta Gbor, a urologist at the Dr. Rose Magazine House, was here to help with our questions.

How do you know if you need to contact a gypsy or urologist for a cure?

There are basically two types of brewing. One, the name enough to name it, is because of the cold. Usually, in this case, you experience urinary symptoms, ie, more frequent stimulation, and less (rarely stronger) pain in your urine. Typically, it develops from one moment to the other, and disappears in the same way - its official name is catharral vesiculitis. If the symptoms last for a few days, you can talk about bacterial inflammation. What happens then?
It is also the function of the kidneys to select bacteria. A total of 300-500 species of bacteria are present, but the proportion can be upset relatively easily (say due to stomach upset diarrhea). In this case, some bacteria are killed more. The bladder still has no problem, but it is a pathogenic bacterium, it can colonize and this can lead to bacterial bladder inflammation. seizure occurs - most people would never pee again - in this case the bladder mucosa will become very bloody. .

Why is this disease returning and why is the antibiotic not helping?

When one comes up with classic complaints, the first thing to do is to do so-called breeding - it tells you exactly what caused the infection and what caused it. We give him some antibiotic, which is usually 99 percent full of that bacterium. However, it is useless to find out which sinful bacterial strain is, well, we know that if the problem comes back, it will still be a cold. thinks, but the next time you come for any reason (such as menstruation or sexual intercourse) will come again. Taking antibiotics in the right amount for the right time is the key to success.

If we do a little research on the World Wide Web, we can deal with a number of home remedies for colds. What can we do about prevention?

The number one rule is to take great care to avoid local cold effects. (There's also a nipper: in the months that have the letter "r" in the name, we don't go out to the ground.) The pancreas has clearly shown how it prevents bacteria from sticking to it, just how. Homemade ingredients can be helpful, but the best thing is to lose a glass of delicious, high-fruit cranberry jam and eat a teaspoon of it every day. The pill is a strange thing - it comes down to a sense of sickness, because every pill is lost because of something. The bacterium does not swell in the urethra. This means, hold on, that in principle any toilet could be found without the bacillus jumping on the person. It may seem terrible to women, but at home, the same bacteria on the toilet board as the other one. And here comes the second rule, because under normal circumstances, playing with the vagina flushes with them. An infection occurs when the bacterial flora does not work properly, such as: taking antibiotics, excessive intimate hygiene, deficiency of the vaginal flora, etc., or if the bacterial plant to recommend a lot of drinking because the thinner the urine, the less nutrients for the bacteria. However, it is not the rule that women magazines often read to drink 1.5 or 2 or 3 liters of water.It is much clearer to focus on peeing instead of drinking. The two kidneys have to produce 1.5 liters of urine each day, so we can say that the urine is good enough. The result of a pee is about 2 dl of urine, so if you manage to go to the washroom 7 times a day, then things are probably fine.They may also be interested in:
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