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These are the 12 best beaches on Lake Balaton this time Where is it worth to paddle in the summer?

Once again, the beaches of the Blue Hullam Zsoul Beach Competition, announced by the Balaton Federation, were rewarded.

The competition was announced for the 14th time and 34th beach started the Lake Balaton is 90 miles away. On the beaches between June 18th and June 21st, we looked at the parking conditions, the condition of the water blocks, the cleanliness, the level of accessibility of the beaches,Beaches with five stars:
  • Vonyarcvashegy Lidу beach
  • Balatongyırцk is a Russian beach
  • Gyenesdias Dabs Beach
  • Szigliget Beach Beach in Russia
  • Balatonfüred, Kisfaludy beach
  • Alsouar Kozsian Beach
  • Balatonfüred, Esterhбzy beach
  • Csopak, the beach of Koszeg
  • Keszthely Beach of Voros
  • Balatonalmбdi Wesselйnyi Beach
  • Balatonberény Beach
  • Balatonfцldvбr Eastern Beach
Beaches with four stars:
  • Keszthely Libás beach
  • Balatonudvari Fövenes Beach
  • The Balatonudvari Beach
  • Balatonmárriafûrdõ Central Paying Beach
  • Zamбrdi Great beach
  • Révfьlцp Beach in Csaba
  • Бbrahбmhegy Church Beach
  • Balatonfыzfх Fцvenyfыrdх
  • Balatonakali Beach in Kosice
  • Balatonlelle Napfény beach
  • Great Beach in Siofok
  • Zбnka Kosice Beach
  • Central Beach of Mikszбth Street in Balatonszarszu
  • Fonyуd, Panoráma beach
  • Badacsonytomaj Badacsony beach
Beaches with three stars:
  • Badacsonytomaj Beach in Voros
  • Balatonfыzfх Tobruk beach
  • Keszthely Helikon beach
  • Balatonboglárr Platán beach
  • Révfьlцp Island beach
  • Balatonederics Zöld Hullбm beach
And the free beach on Berzsenyi Street in Balatonszemes got two stars this time.Related links: