Less housing costs than they buy

Real Estate Boom: Everyone wants to buy a home. However, it costs less than they would buy.

With the latest statistics, everyone wants to buy real estate now. At the same time, the investment does not risk unnecessarily, with fewer homes to buy than you would buy. Zoltán Gadanecz, a founding owner of GDN Real Estate, told, if they could build more properties, they would sell.Less housing costs than they buy According to data from the EBA Financial Activity Report, the construction industry performed well in 2018, even though there were more than 20% downturns in housing sales compared to 2017.Gadanecz Zoltбn, the experience of the GDN Real Estate Founding Owner, says that investors are trying to build new real estate within the boundaries, but they are cautious. You can't stop this market from stalling, because the public is constantly expanding, but the investments are only for projects that are worth two years. However, few people are planning for the longer term, the expert explained to the paper. The best homes are sold from the floor plan and 90-100 percent worth of sales are completed before the completion of the construction. Both demand and numbers suggest that if they could do more, they would sell, "said Zoltan Gadanecz.
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