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Now you can find out how much warmer your place has become

Infographics can be used to study how much warmer your home has become over the past decades, thanks to global warming.

Now you can find out how much warmer your place has becomeBy specifying our city and birth year on the surface of the New York Times, anyone can see how much warmer their home has been since it was born - first on Qubit and then filtered by a Budapest forty child had to count up to 3 canine days a year when he was a child, by the time he was 12. In Budapest, around 2050, there will be at least eight times as many canine days a year as 80 years earlier. in Russian Vladivostok, forty years ago, the word canine was an unknown concept, but nowadays, they have to count at least one canonic day. By the time you are 80 years old, there will be 31 days in the year when the temperature reaches or exceeds 32 degrees C. Global warming experts warn that the thawing of the Siberian subsoil the longer the longer the temperature is 20 degrees. This is also dangerous because the melting gas and the viruses that cause it can escape.
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