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That's why an inactive toddler should change and start moving

Lightweight exercise is clearly the solution to an inactive, fat-laden, depressed baby. Again, the fact that every healthy baby should be exercising has been scientifically supported.

Get your baby started moving!

According to results published in Psychology and Health, researchers at the University of Western Ontario have shown that a 4-week exercise program is preceded by an inactive baby Increases mental and physical performance. Although postpartum depression is a known state of energy, many are unaware that these negatives are more common during pregnancy. Trainer and Health Advisor at the Center for Life Medicine, Németh Vivien he talked about the consequences of the lack of exercise and how to solve it in pregnant women.

What are the factors contributing to pregnancy depression?

  • excessive weight gain
  • koraszьlйs
  • lower weight than average fetus
  • problems with breastfeeding

  • Negative effects can also be observed in the child's life

    It is very interesting, but not surprisingly, that during pregnancy, depressed, unbalanced, even with anxious little children during childhood and adolescence higher cortisol levels were detected. The cortisol hormone is vital in stress situations and is produced by the adrenal gland. Also known as anti-stress hormone is the body's response to its stress state.
    Cognitive abilities also developed less. Weaker performance was observed, for example, in memory performance. Unfortunately, there was also a clear increase in the number of mental illnesses.
    In addition, fatigue during pregnancy may increase the chance of congestion, a risk of insomnia.

    When, and how much movement?

    Conscious, professional exercise is the simplest, healthiest way to avoid the above. It's a good idea to start your regular workouts as you design your baby and continue as much as you can. After birth, you should also be able to exercise to maintain your physical balance.
    Based on international recommendations, 150 minutes of moderate to light intensity cardio movement per week highly recommended, with 2x20 minutes of weight training. This period may increase or decrease depending on the individual's fitness. And after a normal birth, your baby can start to move lightly up to 4-6 weeks, gradually.
    Apart from cardio exercise, it is also ideal for weight training and muscle training. There is a variety of safe practices that can be performed, and in addition to supervising your trainer, good execution gives you extra security and confidence. That is why every pregnant or already born baby is encouraged to have a balanced, healthy life as a part of daily exercise, including baby and mom.
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