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Children's Island starts at the weekend

For 15 months Immron is considered a paradise for children on the Isle of Man every Saturday and Sunday of June.

Kid's Island starts

This is how it will be this time, June 4, Saturday "Mickey Mickey Mouse": Opening the Generali Children's Island where several hundred The first weekend the kids' favorites will be home, then the "little shoe currency" on stage: Comes with a fresh record Bogбr Music band And a Hahу Bandbut the biggest star of the little ones, Hobbit Judit And the ugly backstop Makbam band also comes up. On Sunday, the work continues with the dance Golden Bubble House and the book The Forests Book gives you a piece. We can all turn on the time, Historical Gambler because the mid-twenties bring us back to Hungary. Created with the support of the '56 Memorial Commission, you can admire old vehicles, our father's cultic bicycles, but stop it! In social games, the whole family can talk about gaming in the middle of the game, where the goal is to live and play, and retro gifts are a must. Pirates Island, where treasure charts, pirate obstacles, cinematic games, swords, and the dreaded week of pirates await sea adventurers. Not only can the young seedlings "land on the sea," but with the support of the Zugliu Volunteer Fire Department, many can now enforce their old-fashioned education, Kid's Tomato environment, health and good nutrition will be at the center. This weekend, for example, you can garden to make Kids' Paradise a true flower garden. Бllatsimogatу, Baby Playboy The multitude of other programs are waiting for the whole family.
Yeah, huh, you know the parents, to the Children's Island entry is freeand the detailed program can be found here.Related Article:
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