Why the hell is he thinking?

It can be scary when your child bumps into the wall or just into the baby's head. Not once. Often. He's relieved to find it enjoyable. Do you have to worry about it?

Many little ones bump their heads into the baby

Like, and it beats its head rhythmically to the baby. Or she's up and bangs her head straight into the wall. Sometimes the hysterics are run down, sometimes as if he were fleeing from sleep with this method. At times, you just get bored and have fun with it. children almost 20 percent from time to time you will try to sense what it is like to shake your head somewhere and you will be part of that expression. Most often begin at 8 months and may last until adulthood. It is most intensive between the ages of 18 and 24 months, most of the time before going to sleep, although many children do so. An average training period is between 15 and 45 minutes. the body is horrorous, It seems there is no cause for concern. No matter how hard the child beats the head somewhere, it will rarely cause serious injury. Pain generally discourages the child from seriously killing himself, although it is possible that bleeding, swelling may occur after striking. However, the skull is strong - even at a very young age, it protects the brain and valuable gray brain cells.What causes this behavior, there is more theory. Neurologists say that the vestibular, so the equilibrium responsible system is calmed down by this rhythmic movement, which is very strong between 6 and 12 months since the child learns the most basic forms of movement moving the kid it mimics that movement, which he lives when his mother is rocking her in the body, and this rhythmic movement helps to relieve the tensions within her. Often, the hysterics are screaming. Extremely strong willed children are not afraid to use this weapon to persuade their parents to do what they want. Symptoms are definitely worth it report to the pediatrician because there are diseases that can cause the development, such as heartburn or severe toothache. Most of the time, however, there is no reason to point out this disturbing habit. That's why most experts agree: you don't have to deal with it. You don't have to be banned or do anything big about it. The less we deal with it, the sooner a child will outgrow this era. Of course, we can try to crib the baby, introduce a proper cushion, and try to persuade the child to hit the head, but if you refuse, there is no other reason than to wait. It will sooner or later grow out.
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