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What Mother is in Libra? (IX. 23. - X. 23.)

He always tries to steer the kid away from the gruesome solutions, and he / she himself / she is able to impress him / her with kindness and kindness.

Sure, you can get it out of the way, but if you have a thing, it avoids conflicts. The gyermeknevelйs sorбn sometimes elkerьlhetetlenьl szьksйges rigor, kцvetkezetessйg, bьntetйs йpp ezйrt fall nehezйre, this unpleasant szerepkцrt let szнvesen бt erйlyesebb csalбdtagoknak.Fontos szбmбra to arouse jу benyomбst mбsokban a kid, you have already нgy small korбtуl decent magatartбsra, raising udvariassбgra хt and large it takes care of its appearance, clothing and other belongings. It is bad for her baby to become self-centered and not willing to share her problems with her. Not only does a social-minded person involve him in the family's friendly and friendly summaries, he also occasionally organizes great children's parties. You are keen to support your child's creative pursuits, as well as their interest in art.

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