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Let's Play Shopkeeper Tips to make your games more enjoyable

Yes, this is how shoplifting begins, with this trick-tickling act of pinching the "sack" of buttocks carried on our back and really laughing. The first roles are for daily activities.

Every kid loves to play shopkeeper

This is their game, we do not want to be influenced and controlled! He really enjoys when everything always happens the same way. Take advantage of the opportunity and ignore the age-appropriate behavior and knowledge. For example, shopkeeper games always thank you at check in and out, thank you for the merchandise. Well, if we come to the market together in the currency, the grocery store, so it can be worth the game. Let's go for the jeep balance, use weights. Next to or instead of plastic games let's use real potatoes, apples, turnips. You can replace horse weights with horse chestnuts, acorns. We can also make articles from wheat flour. Once painted, the paintings can be painted. We can make the purchase by introducing different stores (drugstore, paper shop, convenience store), and sometimes disappear, as was the case with Fullesmacku ​​(Janczarski: Fulles). We can make a real business out of a large cardboard box. Arrange the items on a small table, well some small boxes, baskets, toy money, or money.

Let's choose!

Shopkeeper play is loved by all children. There are many ways we can tailor the experience of a small child to our liking at the moment. In the middle we practice the names of greens, fruits, quantities (below five), polite conversation.
A doctor in a restaurant waiting for a good service in a boxed store. From the hardened plasticine to form tiny (random) greens, fruits, pastries. Have fun with these! It's just the toy doll's table. We can take you anywhere with us in small boxes. Let's be ruthless customers: so yellow, what?
We can also play a car dealer. Let's sort the cars, the dumpers, the engines. We are the customers - ask which car, what brand, where the driver is, where the baby is. We can also inquire about the colors, the speedboat.
Out in the open you can set up shop in any place: different fruits, sticks, pebbles, shells are put in small heaps, we can make grilled grapes from sand - we can buy shrimps, currants, buttons.
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