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Looks like a triple twin tummy

A true superstar on Instagram, the Copenhagen mother who gave birth to her three twins in September 2018 and before she constantly documented her body changes.

Such a pregnant tummy was certainly not awaited by Mary's tummy tummy, even at week 18, and by week 30, her pregnant tummy had grown enormous - and the pictures made by this person were also great. the tummy…
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Week to week with triplets. ?? What a journey this has been! From the huge shock of learning there were three, to people? S reactions, to numerous scannings / checkups and all the preparations and planning for this lifechanging event. Nothing like the ordinary. I'm glad we took these pictures because this collage really shows massive growth. It? S a strange to have ended up with such a big belly and it? S even a stranger that it can stand out like that without falling down! ?? ? #expectingtriplets #triplets # 34weekspregnant #mybellyisbiggerthanyours

triplets_of_copenhagen (@triplets_of_copenhagen) shared post, Sep 9, 2018 at 2:50 pm (PDT time)

… And in his videos he showed how huge his belly was when the twins were still inside.
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Exactly one year ago today, I posted this video where I was 33 + 4 weeks pregnant with the triplets. ?????? To my big surprise it went viral and got the attention of media outlets all over the world, so when I gave birth two weeks later I had raised my follower count from about 4,000 to about 100,000! ?? It's a crazy video for sure, but we didn't really see that when we posted it because we had seen the belly growing slowly and had gotten used to it. ? Well, I thought it deserved a repost.

triplets_of_copenhagen (@triplets_of_copenhagen) shared post on Aug 31, 2019 at 12:42 pm (PDT time)

The last photo taken two days before two babies and a little son came out with cesarean section looked like this:
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35 weeks! ?????? And the last belly picture! ? In two days we'll finally meet our babies, and I wont have to drag around this 20 kg bump anymore. ?????? We are SO ready for the next chapter! This last week I've gotten a lot of new followers from all around the world, and I just want to thank you for all the love, cheering and nice words I've got! ? WOW! It's totally overwhelming and very much appreciated. ? ? #expectingtriplets #triplets # 35weekspregnant

triplets_of_copenhagen (@triplets_of_copenhagen) shared post, Sep 10, 2018 at 12:33 pm (PDT time)

She also shared the first shots of the tiny twins and the first two family photos:
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At 08.55, 08.56 and 08.57 today we welcomed our beautiful babies to the world. ??? ? Iben - 1950 g, 48 cm? Filip - 2070g, 48cm? Agnes - 2335g, 47cm? ? Everything went really well and we are so happy and relieved.

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Maria didn't stop posturing her body changes even after the babies were born. The mom also honestly reported that she could barely get out of bed for the first two days after the cesarean section, and then just enough to walk for a while. On the fourth day after her birth, she shared this picture with herself…
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? Vent warning? What a woman needs to go through! ? Day 4 and it has been quite a ride body wise. The first two days I could barely stand up because of the extreme pain in the c-section wound, but the nurses made me walk a bit anyway. If I didn't, it would become even worse, they told me. ? In addition to that it has been three days with my bowels constantly twisting and turning like snakes (you wont believe the sight of it!), Causing a lot of pain. And to top it off my milk started coming in yesterday, and has caused huge and very painful breast engorgement. My nurse actually asked if I have implants! The joke of the day. ? BUT, our babies are doing SO good !! ? Will write a post about them soon. ?? ? ? (Picture from day 2)? ? #postpartum #postpartumaftertriplets #triplets

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... and one week later,
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#postpartumbody? 1 week after the birth of my triplets. ?????? ? I now have a really weird looking hanging belly which is still quite heavy. My uterus hasn't shrinked back yet. Because my belly was so stretched it took longer than usual. I'm gonna get a belly band / support binder asap because it's quite annoying and the sagging makes my c-section scar hurts. I? M really impatient to get my body back! ? #triplets #postpartum # 1weekpostpartum

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The Copenhagen mother also made many pictures of her gymnastics, which she tried to gradually eliminate her belly, which required some surgical intervention. Luckily, there are plenty of pictures of the twins on their site and their older friends. Here are our favorites from family photos:
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Friday was a big day: we got to bring our babies home after 9 days at the NICU! ? We are on a so called "early home stay" which means we get visits from a nurse twice a week who weighs the babies and brings the supplies we need for tube feeding. And when the tubes are out, we are officially out as well. ? We are so grateful for the nurses at Hvidovre Neonatal (NICU) who have helped us so far, they really are the sweetest people. ?? My husband and I think it's amazing that we've been able to stay in the room with the triplets since day 1. It really has helped with the bonding and getting the routines going for the transition back home. ?????? ? ? #triplets #tripletsofinstagram #tripletmom #breastfeeding #hospitallife #nicu #neonatal #hvidovrehospital # bornat35weeks2days

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October 15, 2018 - Today was my original due date! ? Of course it was never an option to go to 40 weeks once we found out there were triplets. Imagine me having these three inside my belly! ??? ? We celebrated the day by removing Iben's feeding tube, which means we are now officially released from the hospital. ?????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? #triplets #tripletmom #tripletsofinstagram

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We've been home for a month! ?????? Anders is getting parental leave for another week and after that he will be home without pay until New Year. Extremely glad that we have some savings to use, and kudos to all the triplet moms out there doing it all by themselves! ?? We also get and will get extra help every afternoon (Anders? Mother or father and stepmom - thank you! ????) and all day during weekends (family and friends, often from Norway) because of our toddler Mikael. This is how we will roll until January, and then we will see if we can manage by ourselves. ???????????? #triplets #bigfamily #familyiseverything

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14 weeks! ?????? They now have the following weights: Iben - 4.6 kg (10 lb 2 oz) Filip - 5.6 kg (12 lb 5 oz) Agnes - 4.9 kg (10 lb 12 oz) So pretty different sizes. ?? And also different attitudes. They have all started smiling a lot more! Filip gives these enormous smiles and looks like he is laughing out loud. Agnes kind of always looks like she is smiling in a more subtle, elegant way. And Iben is just very cute when she shows her little smile. ??? ? ? Isn't it cute that it looks like they are holding hands in this picture? They did it themselves. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? From left to right ?? Agnes - Iben - Filip? #tripletsofinstagram #triplets # 14weeks

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God jul! Merry Christmas! ????? ? ? ? ? ? The girls? outfits (gifts): @elodieecom

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Annonce (AD) for The Birth Poster Look how much my babies have grown since they were born at 35 + 2 weeks! ?????? This poster from @thebirthposter is personalized and shows the babies? birth length in a 1: 1 scale, and I think it is so fascinating when you can see them side by side like this. ??????? ? This poster is called The Birth Poster Trio and is a new product being launched today! ?? It is also perfect for families with multiple kids and would make a very special and personal gift to someone. ?? ? When I got in the mail, I was surprised to see how tiny they once were. ? Even though it is only 50 weeks since their birth, you really forget so easily… It's such a sweet memory to have on the wall and I think they will be fascinated by it as well as they grow older. ??????? ? #thebirthposter #thebirthpostertrio

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