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That's how high school 5-6 year olds play

Real little gang members, they have secrets before the parents. They are passionate about certain things and can be bored legally. We know a little about ourselves.

By this time, there is a spectacular difference in the bloodline, with most children being able to excel in some areas. Some are distinguished by their civility, their other "scientific researcher", their other movement, or their mathematical abilities.There is some passion in their son: the cars know all the cars, the technical parameters of the models, the dynamisms know the conditions of the Jurassic. The girls are more "friendly", collect dolls, collect stickers, exchange them. Most kids like to go swimming and exercise.

What do we play?

Magnificent and far-flung fascinate. Simple scientific structures help you to delve into another fascinating world that you cannot see with your eyes. They love card games. The baby doll remains a tireless toy, even though the boys can be assembled, electric trains, adult simplified machines, money, numbers. With a simple photo shoot, you can capture exciting moments in a smart, enthusiastic way. They start to dominate, play chess, and play more complex board games.

The big kids are really playful

How can a parent help a player?

No need for a crippled kid's room. You need a larger free space where you can play, scout, and tidy up with little security. Everything should have a place: a shoe box or a basket for smaller toys, shelves that they can access and where they can be repacked without any hassle. Let's get rid of the games you haven't dealt with for a couple of months. When they re-enter, they are an excitement and a joy, as if they were new. Do not disturb the child if they play crazy. Learn carefully how to use toys, the rules, you do not know them by yourself. don't get upset when you come up with new rules or play something different than normal. This is creativity.They may also be interested in:
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