The better we search, the more we will find!

True, it is not nearly as dangerous as the plague of anthrax that has been disinfected throughout the Middle Ages, and we do not like it at all. Don't even think about the day one of our kids discovered the little blood in the head.

Year-on-year occurrence of head lice in childhood communities, therefore, the National Office of the Chief Medical Officer and the Nourget County Government's Office for Revision 2011 / Sector. The program also featured a cartoon drawing for children.

The first position of the drawing is among the low school students:
Horvath Marietta Class 3d SKABID Zoltán Kodaby Member School in Salgut

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There are more lousy kids in school
Among the 18,198 kindergartens examined in the kindergartens, the number of cephalopod children was 254, the cephalopod score is 1.4 percent, which is a slight improvement (1.3 percent) compared to the previous year's county data. .
In primary schools, 927 students out of 44,733 children were checked. The cerebral cortex in primary schools was 2.1 percent, up from 1.6 percent last year. This does not show the campaign's ineffectiveness, on the contrary. Long years of experience show that we only discover the tip of the iceberg three times a year. This is the result of this year's campaign, that is, the more we earn, the more we find. By February of this year, 48 percent more children had been examined by guardians than in the same period last year. As a result of the greater number of controls, the number of cases detected and, at the same time, the number of children treated in the county increased.

The first position of the schoolchildren: Orsolya Csomor йtvr, Golden apple Уvvoda and b bcshcsхd Romhбny

Let's talk about it!
The main aim of the campaign is to educate the general public, to dispel the parents' beliefs, and at the same time to ensure that the children who are constantly licking are properly treated in the school year. for a total of 14938 participants (parents, educators, children). In our experience, arousing lectures, informative solids, and media campaigns have led parents to pay more attention to the home care and prevention of children with cephalopods, thus reducing the burden on the child.
Draw it!
One of the campaign's new features was a cartoon drawing for children, which also aimed to raise awareness. The drawings that were submitted prove that the children's knowledge about the cone was also enhanced. The slogan of the campaign: "Don't treat it, treat it!" The drawing application received a total of 231 works of various techniques from the county's numerous educational institutions. (eg: Surdokpьspök Elementary School, Szabokjfalu Elementary School, Manуvár уvoda Galgaguta, Elementary School Right, Aranyalma Uvvoda Romhányny, etc. Our paintings are handled by Péter Fossil Possession of Kossuth. Other members of the jury were Ambrosia Balazs Maria Tomkán and amateur sculptor Péter Molnár.

One of the most famous works: Melissa Sad (14 years old)
Bâtonyterenye Primary School, Kossuth Lajos Member

The jury evaluated the works on the basis of the level of elaboration and the individual processing of the subject, taking into account the peculiarities of age. They selected the top three most successful creations in the three nominee categories, as well as 48 drawings, which were considered worthy to be exhibited. In addition to the nine works selected by the jury, the Nograd County Government Office has been awarded three applications for professional merit and excellence.