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New Birth Week

For the tenth time this year, the National Week of Birth is a professional, cultural and informative series of events. The organizers are looking for couples and pregnant women between May 5-13, in about sixty locations in Transylvania and Vojvodina.

Visitors to the venues can choose from many programs this year as well. In addition to presentations of year-round births, breastfeeding advice, and portable abilities, the organizers also host film screenings, conferences, conferences, conferences, exhibitions, conferences. In some settlements, they give birth to newborns or roses this year, while others are planning to go out or visit the Mamamer world movement.

The event is a specialist

The purpose of the event series is to provide visitors with a wide range of credible information. Errхl the szervezйsben rйszt vevх and tйmбkat цsszeбllнtу vйdхnхk, szьlйsznхk, szoptatбsi tanбcsadуk, dъlбk, mыvelхdйsszervezхk, pedagуgusok, hordozбst teacher has professionals, baby-mother club, nхi kцrцk, alternatнv gyуgyбszati ​​kцzpontok, jбtszуhбzak and kцzhasznъ NGOs provide.


The program szнnes йs нgйrnek meaningful szabadidхs elfoglaltsбgot the pбrkapcsolat, szexualitбs, csalбdtervezйs, anyбvб-apбvб vбlбs, vбrandуssбg, szьlйs-szьletйs, szoptatбs / tбplбlбs, csecsemхgondozбs, hordozбs, nхi roles megйlйse, gyermekvбllalбs йs egyeztetйse tйmakцrцkben career. All babies are expecting babies, pregnant women, mothers and their families.

We recommend it

There are so many programs organized that you may even be unable to read. We missed out on some, but you will find out where you felt best!
Good Practices in Early Childhood Care - Reporting on a Study in Germany
We spend most of our hardest days away from most premature mothers, and parents are waiting helplessly to get the little bit done. Could this be another? Listen to the experience of Vraskunny Rufy Hanna, a health practitioner who is a perinatal expert.
The all-knowing fetus
Is there only darkness inside, noise, nutrition and warmth? You can't be a roula either. The baby feels and learns. You can find out what Andrek Andreas has proven.
No childbirth! Or the exchange of experiences that followed was and will be.
Parenting, grandparenting changes life unexpectedly and kills those who are very ready for birth. The signs do not show up immediately: often it takes years to say, yes, it started when you gave birth to the one or all of us that we were so desperate for. Chat with Croatia From time to time with the guest editor of The Guest House!
Night care
Let's talk about how you can relax with your baby, even if you wake up too often at night and want to suck every time! How do we learn to sleep? Renata W. Ungvбry gives answers, and of course you can ask.
The first days of life
The first days are very special, the baby being born today is completely different than the three day old. You can find out about the wonders of such a small person, Dr. Borbabel.
Breastfeeding in all life situations
First child, second, tenth, tandem, twin - to give everyone a life-long nutritional benefit. It's much more than dieters. Interview with Judit Szõdy, breastfeeding advisor.
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