The family friendly award was announced

This time it announced the award of the Family Friendly Company to the Three Charlemagne, Three Charlemagne Movement. The goal is to have a family-friendly approach to more companies and to help reconcile work and private life.

Representatives of the NGO said Thursday in the press in Budapest that they have proven to be more successful in terms of companies that can "see, forint" "also help reconcile family-friendly attitudes, work and private life.
Tünde Fûrs, the Deputy Secretary of State for Family and Human Resources at the Ministry of Human Resources, said that year after year, the number of job vacancies and job opportunities is increasing.
He reminded me that every year his department announces a similar job-friendly job application, which, besides the companies, can be applied for by budget institutions or local governments. He indicated that more than fifty winners have been selected from more than one competitor this year.