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Ideal holiday destination if you like the nasty conditions with your kids and you are a little fed up with the noise and dirt of the city. It is worth going there for one day, or even for a week. Some people move in for the summer.

Szentendre Island is called the northern end of the island above Kisoros, known as the tip of an island or an island tip. The fairy tale encompasses a wooded, wildly romantic setting where time seems to have stopped. There are no shops, only one bar, which has a large selection. But who comes in time just loves it. It is a real low-cost campsite, or better known as the waterfront, as you can read it in the pool beside the entrance, as all the infrastructure on the top of the small hill is down to the plumbing toilets and the water to go. The price can also be called more iconic, so if you get there in time, you won't go back because you can't afford the luxury. Here you have to take care of everything. You can put up the tent where it is raining, you can put fire, cook it, you can gather some twigs that are burning in the thick. There is a pebble-sand beach on the Danube, where it is ideal to paddle, bathe, swim with mud, or simply soak up and see your boats, Visegrád, Mogyoruhegy. There is basically silence, only the noise of the motorboats is too disturbing and loud. But most arrive with kayaks, canoes, and just glide softly to the shore to rest or spend a few days here before paddling further.
All this with a child
Do you get used to washing your hands at home before every meal, bathing daily, and chili-ville all over your home? You may not have invented this place for you, or at least you can try something else right now. Because you can stay alive anyway! Especially relaxed and reassured, knowing that you can feel great without the blessings of civilization. The ideal place to focus on yourself, your couple, and your child, inside, nothing else, hurrying, spending nothing but yourself. We spent wonderful days here with our three and three sons, but we also return with our little girl. They have been good at canoeing and have been particularly fond of being able to dip in the Danube and not soap them with soap. They couldn't complain about their tea, we figured it out, we could cook everything in the kettle, nobody got sick. It's better to go with a little kid, but then by car, because the little ones aren't bragging about relaxing in the canoe. This summer's summer is especially favorable because there are hardly any mosquitoes. But with the boys, from dusk, they could only be fully dressed as they attacked in swarms. That was the dark side of the adventure many years ago.
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Kisorossi is already a good place!