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Duelin, why do mothers speak in the first person?

Are you upset when others talk about children saying everything in the first person? To a certain degree, it is also quite normal and psychologically relevant.

Dualbunny: Why do mothers speak in the first person?Just think: while our baby is growing in our tummy, we are physically united with it. And, at the moment, your tiny birth does not immediately dissolve.Day Angéla with psychology we have put together the most important information about this time period. That is how the nutritionist can start to feed and survive. - This is achieved when the greater the symbiotic relationship between the two.

My place in the world

The importance of the first period is inescapable, as we learn and experience things that are not, or only very difficult to, lose in this form.
- The baby is learning stability and security. So, if you learn that your mom will choose the right one for her needs - which then embodies the whole world - then the world can be a safe place. This is an important and critical time for the conclusion, since the child's experiences with the mother are also first experiences with the world that will affect their human relationships sooner, the psychologist continues. the phenomenon known as "dueluni" lasts for well over five months, during this period, the child is unable to separate his or her own from the other.

Let it be discovered

Later, the little one begins to realize that he is a small individual. As movement begins, it begins to explore its surroundings, and of course, as it progresses further, it begins to break away from the mother, both physically and mentally. - If, however, the letter does not come to fruition gradually, it may become stuck in this pattern, and it will continue to appear at the level of the linguistic turn - intently the psychologist. - In this case, it may be presumed that correspondence with the mother is more difficult, and for this symbiotic phase, the question may arise whether the mother can handle the child appropriately.

The phases of security

It is a very difficult and light terrain, how long we have to care for the little ones, and where is the point when we do it by letting them experience certain things. He is fine with his own life. That is why we pay close attention to natural developmental processes, and always provide him with a level of independence appropriate to his age. If we do, we certainly won't say afterwards: we were really smart with math! The article appeared in Maternity Magazine, which you can subscribe to online. Look for the latest issue from the New Yorkers! Related articles in Maternity:
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