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She became a mother at the age of 60, but her husband left that day

Seven years later, a Serbian woman gave birth to her first child sixty years later. Even on the day she was born, she decided to leave her family.

She became a mother at the age of 60, but her husband left that day (photo: Daily Mail)

The man said he could not sleep with his childhood, he was too old for him, and he refused to name the baby. The man's sixty-eight-year-old, 60-year-old superfluous mother, can be spoken with a sperm donor, as her husband put it, "got what she wanted, now happy" - quotes the Daily Mail article. but he opposed childhood. A woman has high blood pressure and other illnesses that she has had in the past; she could sleep. The women became pregnant after long treatments. All told, he was aware of the risks, but it was the mother's life that had finally come to an end. "I was not afraid of my life, God gave me womenswear. I never felt better." At the same time, women are not asked to raise a baby alone, they don't have too much money, and before she was pregnant, she had worked in a textile business. Anyway, I will fight Alinard as best I can to bring it up properly. I will only live for it. I know it won't be easy, but I believe there are good people out there who will help, "the mother said.
- 46 years of struggling to be a mother
- The age of the male also influences whether or not the baby will come together