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Encouraged by Photos: Believe yourself in a proud postpartum stomach

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Moms have shown what the stomach really is after giving birth To process what changes the stomach has gone through after giving birth is not simple - especially in the age where the media is transmitting unimaginative images. Just a few moms have just decided to share with the world how the belly changes after birth and how proud their mothers can be!"My belly is my favorite body part!"
Zero shame
The mum in the cape says that she does not care for the postpartum belly at all, in fact, it is her most beautiful body part. "I try to lose as much as I can - but slowly."
This mother is 4 weeks after birth. The starting weight after the baby was 81 kg, and when the picture was made, it was 11 kg. "I'm proud of my development!"
It wasn't easy for this mother, who started taking the healthy lifestyle after her second baby, to have a baby afterwards. He is very proud of what he has achieved, even though this is not the goal he is aiming for and hopes that his outcome will serve his baby well. "After 12 months, my stomach looks like I'm just 7 weeks pregnant."
"My stomach is full of hips, and my skin is open and sagging."
7 months postpartum
7 months after her birth, this mother showed her belly. "Real people are developing in our stomachs! We are all real rock stars!"
We fully agree with this mother! "The stomachs on my stomach were so fading. But I chose these!"
"There is no general limit to this change."
5 months vs 10 months postpartum
"My body is completely changed and my stomach is not as tight as it is old - I love it too"
"I spend time and energy devoting time to running again."
PP Belly
"I've put it down to make my stomach look like old again."
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