It is infecting the child

When infected, the bladder, the bladder or the airway become inflamed, either alone or together. Inflammation may also include the kidney pelvis and the renal cortex (renal cortex).

One of the possible symptoms of a Hebbian infection is the pain experienced during peeing

Pathogens are viruses or bacteria that migrate externally into the bladder. They multiply in warm urine and, when upward, can infect the kidneys. Gyermekeknйl very common up to three years is a fungal infection. About four percent of the girls (shorter lungs) and one percent of the boys get sick.

Infestation - the most common symptoms in children

  • Йtvбgytalansбg
  • Hбnyбs
  • Lбz
  • Newbie is urinary free
  • For larger children:
  • Pain when urinating
  • More common urinary urgency
  • Cavernous pains
  • Lбz
  • Acute urinary tract infection is indicated by a sensation of urination in urine, a frequent urinary incontinence and headaches up to 38.5 ° C. Some clean children tend to urinate again. When the kidney becomes ill, the fever is always high (over 39 degrees Celsius), and it cools down. The intense pain radiates from the week to the bottom. However, only older children complain of typical pain. Repeated infections raise the suspicion of urinary tract disorder, which should be medically cleared. In boys, the first, most infantile, infection is the X-ray examination and the ultrasound of the urinary tract.

    The infectious events of Haggy

    Cure infections easily become chronic if left untreated. The vesegyulladбs kйsхbbiekben high vйrnyomбs йs veseelйgtelensйg common causes lehetnek.Bizonytalan kцzйrzetzavarok, pйldбul йtvбgytalansбg, hasfбjбs, hasmenйs lбz esetйn or take the child to a doctor if you have hъgyъti fertхzйsrхl szу, kezelйsre szorul.Az doctor every kezelйs elхtt megvizsgбlja, are present in the urine baktйriumok. She prescribes antibiotics for bacteria and carries out a repeated urine test. The disease is chronically predisposed. Every two months after each infestation, the urine should be checked for two to seven weeks. Keep feet and lower body warm. Give your child plenty of drink to wash the urethra well.Related materials:
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  • Article Source: Source: Dr. med. Helmut Keudel-Dr. med. Barbara Capelle Pediatrics