Magical trainPoci's story

In our wedding story, Poci embarkes on a magical journey through the wonderland. It turns out that there are paws in the back of the guide.

On a beautiful morning, the sunshine peeked through the distant mountains. What an adventure today for a little friend of a golden ship?
- Look what a nice time! Mother gave birth in the morning to cook cocoa.
Dad and Poci opened the patio door and sniffed out the fresh air. By this time they were attentive to loud whispers from afar.
- What could this be? Poci asked, surprised.
"The voice of nostalgia," Dad replied, and began to talk about the old, old steam. Poci listened intently to Dad as Mom stepped on the patio with fresh cocoa in her hands.
- Mom, imagine this is the old train! Poci said happily.
"Yes, we heard her voice," Dad explained enthusiastically.
- But you should train one! Do you feel like it? Mother asked.
- Sure. Oh, but yeah! Hell Poci, and he was running over the front door.
- Stop it, baby! Dad gave birth after his little son.
- Let's have breakfast first, then let's go! Mom said.
Poci sat down to the table without eating and eating like a little angel.
- Let's go! he exclaimed as he took his cocoa mug to the sink.
After breakfast, the family recovered. They were in the car.
- The Danube Bend! You know, in the country, the train was coming first. The old man is still going there - Dad said.
It was like that. Once in the car, I saw the old train. Slowly, steadily, he shuffled through the mountains.
- Come on! Utolйrtьk! Poci said enthusiastically.
"At the next station, we'll stop and take the train," Dad said.
- Hurrab! Hurrб! We will train! Poci said excitedly.
At the station, Father bought the tickets and the family called the old train.
Mother Poci sat alive and looked out of the train window. Once upon a time, a uniformed ward arrived.
- I'll get the tickets! he said in a determined voice.
Dad took the tickets and handed them to his little son. Poci offered the three tickets over the guide's loft, but a special thing happened. The wizard in Vienna opened his magic. Two small man's caps appeared and a giggle was heard from the spit.
"My helpers," explained the uniformed ward, and winked at Poci mischievously.
The guide punctuated the little helpers and carefully placed them in the hands of the surprised little boy.
- Remember this! whispered the red-pawed barely whispered.
Poci slipped the treasures into his pants pocket. The exciting train is coming to an end soon. The steamer returned to the station where Dad's car was waiting patiently in the parking lot. The family moved into the red car.
They started back home.
The train suddenly appeared between the cogs. Out of the window, the guide and two mysterious assistants waved happily to Poci. The little boy still holds the magic train memo and the punches he punched.