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We offer three books for the cooler autumn days.

From the top of my body to the soles

Have you remembered how it works on my body's title book? If I remember correctly, everyone's favorite was the simple, well-edited book. Now a new favorite on the horizon, from the top of my body to the top, with tasks, correct frames, and fun figures, our body is translated into a child's language. Even the little ones who work hard for small and big things do not have taboos, but at the same time they can tell meaningfully, avoiding childish curiosity.
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The little ones love the tiny little things that they can hide in their pockets. In this book you will find countless very cute and easy-to-make figures that even moms who don't like sewing can make, as it is very easy to work with felt. A big-eyed panda, a scrawny little lion and a pensive bunny are waiting to pocket a small kid with a small kid.
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Alison Mosonyi: Cabinet Makers

The book is not new, but fortunately it has been reissued. The Wardrobe Makers take us into a completely enchanted little world, with every fairy tale being played in a wardrobe called Mari. At first reading, they seem more adult stories, but it's worth trying on a couple of pieces for the little ones as the fairy tale language, superficiality, and fantastic fantasy fun entertain the kids.
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